First Location Based Online Shopping Search Engine Launched by Pakistani Students

COVID-19 outbreak has increasingly affected health, especially the minds of people. A strict lockdown has been imposed in Pakistan by the government due to this transmittable virus. People are feeling suffocated while being locked in quarantine at home for more than two months. COVID-19 is a threat to life, and it has highly affected the minds because all of a sudden, the whole world is under a situation of lockdown. This infectious virus is so dangerous that it could take a person’s precious life if the safety precautions like social distancing, self-isolation, no hand-shakes, and maintaining a distance of at least 3-feets are not followed. There are several issues people are facing during these unfortunate conditions, and the questions in everyone’s mind are:


  • How to get essential commodities while being in quarantine?
  • If I will not go out, how will I be able to get the food for myself and my family?
  • If I shop online, then how would I know about the authentic sites?
  • How can I get my desired product?

While thinking like a common man to find a resolution to all these problems, two brilliant graduates of GIK Institute Mr. Bilal Jamil and Mr. Syed Ali Abbas Haider Naqvi come up with the solution. They stunned everyone by creating Pakistan’s first and biggest real-time online shopping search engine, “”

The idea behind the creation of this platform

According to the CEO of, Mr. Bilal Jamil, he has personally faced the problems while shopping online, and Shoppingum is created as the result of his hard work to resolve the issues of online shopping, against the scams, and overpriced products on the online marketplace. This platform is created to link the user to the most authentic and genuine site for online shopping for his/her desired product. There are around 3.2 million products available under one sky, which is Shoppingum. Obstacles that are faced while online shopping can easily be resolved through this website; all you need to do is search for the desired item in the search bar of the Shoppingum site and boom! The most relevant information regarding the particular product from various 210 different online stores of Pakistan will pop us on the user’s screen along with every detail of the product.

User-friendly features of is easy to use the website for shopping. It makes online shopping more interesting with its exceptional features which are as follows:

Smart and quick accessibility

This site is user friendly as it is easily accessible through mobile phones, laptops, and other devices that have internet access.

All-time availability of the website is available 24/7 at your service. You can shop or gather information regarding any of the products anytime.

Availability of first and second-hand products

Almost all the items, either new or used one, are available on It will link to the sites with either the first-hand new products or the second hand used products.

All under one sky

This website works as an umbrella under which all products are integrated from all online marketplaces. Online shopping can be done from a single platform, and it will save time and prevent the hustle from searching for the desired product through different sites.

Real-time tracking

Users can track any of the desired products and can also track your order through this site.

Magical pricing feature

Exceptional feature to select the price range either from lowest to highest or highest to lowest is also available.

Your choice delivery

This site helps the user to know which stores are delivering a particular searched product during the lockdown and which are not delivering. It succors to locate the nearest online store for quick delivery so the user can easily choose from where to order. Delivery days and specific transit time are also mentioned with the product details.

Online shopping experience beyond user’s expectations

Users will definitely feel confident while online shopping with no stress of scams and fake product details. Shoppingum gives an exceptional and worthy shopping experience by saving time.

According to pioneers, this site is created to resolve the online shopping issues, which are the most significant aspects while being in quarantine. General Manager of Shoppingum Mr. Syed Ali Abbas Ha also highlighted the fact that at the backend, this site uses data mining and machine learning techniques that provide the most updated and relevant results within a second of the product, which is searched on shoppingum. This site is beneficial to save time and effort in shopping. It also helps the user to make the decision firmly after comparing the product with different stores and has been satisfied with all details of the product.

Remarkable pricing features

In online shopping, no such option as bargaining is available, which is perhaps the most significant factor for everyone. Moreover, people are sometimes unaware of the sales and discounts being offered on their desired product. To remove this confusion and stress, has come up with a magical feature to compare the product prices in almost all the online stores where that specific product is available. The discounts which are offered for a specific product along with the actual rates are also mentioned with description. You can also select the price range of the desired product up to your choice so that it will appear on the screen in your chosen price range.

So, don’t miss a chance and use this phenomenal website, “,” and make your online shopping experience worthy and satisfying.



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