Graveyard of Morality: Untold stories

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How much insensitivity is this when we move forward after watching appalling news of child rape on local channels and start focusing other political issues.

Imaging the pain of parents whose little princess was brutally raped and murdered is tantamount of getting hit by knife in the heart.  Ironically, such heinous crimes are taking place on frequent basis is not only matter of concern for people at helm but also for families of victims and assailants themselves. On 4th January, little Zainab 6, was on her way for Quran recital, her parents were in Saudia Arabia to perform Umra, abducted and later found raped and murdered.  Media took up the case and we witnessed swift investigation and conviction.

On the other hand, official statistics reveal that 141 child rape cases reported in Lahore alone in the period of last seven months since the Zainab’s case reported.

These are the stories which came into light when taken up by media, I don’t know how many others would exist unreported or how many assailants would be roaming around little princesses. Immediately after Zainab case, we listened huge hue and cry in social as well as electronic media and awareness campaign also being run till next hot story turned up. Why the relevant authorities do not get themselves activated immediately after such case.

I haven’t seen any kind of permanent and solid steps taken by then-government in this regard except mouth-firing on local TV stations. What measures are our high-ups considering to keep lid on pedophilia? What kind of course they are introducing to create awareness among children to keep themselves away from such beasts? Additionally onus of stopping this heinous crime is also on families to keep an eye on family boys and to figure out their urges and orientation. We cannot blame government for all these not in the least.

Research suggests that cognitive-behavioral models are effective in treating people with pedophilic disorder. Such models may include aversive conditioning, confrontation of cognitive distortions, victim empathy including showing videos of consequences to victims.

No cure for pedophilia has been developed yet, but there are therapies that can reduce the incidence of a person committing child sexual abuse. We can ask help from friend countries to provide training to our local therapists and psychologists in this regard.

What does Pak law say about child abuse? According to Pakistan Penal Code, criminals involved in child sexual abuse are given punishment of minimum two-year jail and maximum life term by courts.

In 2016, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, parliament made a law against child sexual assault, making porn films of children, and their trafficking. Under this law, child abuse punishment has been increased from seven years to 10 years in jail.

According to Section 40 of the Act 2004 of Punjab, child abuse will bear three-year jail and Rs 50,000 fine whereas there is no fixation of punishment of child pornographic.

According to KP Act 2010, Section 48, child pornographic bears minimum three year jail and maximum seven year jail along with fine from Rs 200,000 to 700000 whereas, according to Section 50 of the Act, showing porn movies to children or trying to involve them in sex activities will have seven years jail and heavy fine. Most importantly, these laws and punishments need to be revised and the governments need to make sure the quick provision of justice to victim as many find that the police refuse to even register their case and sometime investigations are mishandled.

Provincial government on emergency basis ought to establish well-resourced and well-staffed forensic laboratories to expedite legal process and avoid hurdles like eye-witness issue.

 Such measures should be taken timely else we would become graveyard of morality and would have been treated likewise across the world.




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