Happy Beginnings for Movies after the COVID

The COVID had not been a good spell for Hollywood and movies suffered because of various precautions and other disruptions. Seems like the much delayed projects have come out of the box towards completion and are breathing life once again making their way to the screen soon.


We earlier talked about the futuristic Matrix 4, following are none other than the sequels of the trend changing Dirty Dancing, the slick-marker refusing-puppy loving-bogeyman killer, John Wick, the street racing home-bred car- pursuing Fast pack of the Fast and the Furious and the Gotham City millionaire-vigilante, Batman are all setting their release dates and now revealing their cast and promoting the movies as they get slated to hit the theatres near you soon. To add further dash and spice ‘No Time to Die” gets Ian Fleming’s (license to kill) James Bond pulled back into action by his former friend to face a most unexpected and dangerous rival armed with lethal technology this year.

Grey the original star who played ‘Baby’ beside Patrick Swayze in the original 1987 musical and dance movie  Dirty Dancing, once again will be appearing  in the sequel of the blockbuster that took the movie-goers by storm. Grey is Producing and starring in this sequel of the Dirty Dancing. At age 60 that is a commendable feat and she’s already won a dance competition at 50 making her the oldest female to win such an award. Seems ‘Baby’ never gave up the adrenaline since her original Dirty Dancing days.  The sequel is said to be of the same nature where culture meets love and romance with a blend of passion and jealousy added to the dance flick and a happy ending for sure!

the Continental High Table, comes John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves who is at this moment shooting the Matrix 4 as you may have read in our earlier blog.  In this chapter of John wick the character that Reeves play brings the same level of non-stop-action-packed-bullet-riddled anticipation and schemations ‘on and under the high table’. The movie is likely to take off from where the third chapter had left off, taking a new turn with the adjudicator played by Asia Kate Dillon. We would surely love to see Winston’s unflinching character back in the storyline. The movie as for now is set to hit the cinemas on May,27, 2022. Keep enjoying the promos and teasers till then.

The legend that started with Paul Walker, agent turned street racer and vigilante – racing with home bred-beasts-under-the -hood cars, as a low budget flick, inspired by the multiplayer, world famous video game ‘Need for Speed’ seems to have made its way to a good sequel 9 &10 in its series. The movie still has most of its cast from the past sequels appearing in this one as well, although, the return of Walker and Mia (which appear in multiple teasers) may add that finale to the sequels surprising the viewers. In this offering of the Fast 9,  Dominique after settling down with Letty played by Michelle Rodriguez, has to face the daunting challenge of facing his own brother as a rival. The classy and cryptic ‘Cipher’ doesn’t seem to die at all, no matter what and this time she’s even stronger and tactical with her plan to stand against the Fast pack.

Our super spoiled blue eyed boy, Ben Affleck returns to play the elusive and brooding Batman in Barbara Muschietti’s production of the mega film sequel. This comes as a bit of a surprise as Affleck had walked away from the movie altogether but is now returning after going through the script and more or less because of the brother sister team of the Muschietti’s. Affleck is well known for his mood swings and tantrums, even when he returned the top dollar Aston Martin back to Jennifer Lopez – his girlfriend somewhere in the past. In this episode of the movie (The Flash) the hero travels through parallel dimensions of time warping here to there, meeting and confronting characters from DC comics.

Not to leave the charismatic and the ever laughing Joker in the clouds of anonymity the director has made our favourite ‘Joker’ once again a pivotal character in the flick with even more tricks up his sleeve. Barbara Muschietti,  said that Affleck is the most suited actor to play the character of Batman “He’s the baseline. He’s part of that unaltered state” she added while talking to a media representative. “There’s a familiarity there.” she further added. Seems a well-tuned and cohesive effort that took form just a week ago.



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