Health of The Mind and Our Youth

The youth as we know today has so much to do and choose from a variety of activities that were presumably not available ever before. It is only a progression in time that changes trends from yesteryear to today.  Digital, online –  the coming of the internet and its multifaceted venues to venture out, got the world busying itself with myriads of things to get involved with. And, with so much availability of resources and venues why do we still see a rise in depression amongst the youth?  This depression further takes a form that is scary in itself which is being prone to suicidal thoughts.


What particular reasons drives a young one to fall victim to depression and think about suicide? The answer may lie in referring to the past where the developed countries have already gone through this problem. Not that it got solved completely but there are examples that we may very well be able to refer to.  Depression and suicidal tendencies had taken up an alarming rate in the USA back in the 1970s following a very high rate in countries where life had almost come to a decadent standstill, meaning nothing to strive for. In some countries it was out of sheer boredom and kicks. Whereas in the USA it was because of the pace of life and misplaced priorities. A new wave then of usage of high potency mind altering drugs that got the graph rising. This was a serious matter and was dealt with within a few years.

On a lighter note; reminds one of a comic strip from the famous Archies’ series where the quip had been about the government spending unfathomable amounts on transportation for the kids and then asking them to join the gym. The quip was that the amount that goes towards buying the transportation to and from the educational institutions which leads to a sedentary style of life and then spending almost the same amount on establishing gyms to counter that sedentary lifestyle was the comic strip’s tagline for laughs. More or less it is still the same. But times changed. The countries developed a more physical trend for the youth balancing it with other activities.

For today’s youth both are available easily. The activities from which to stimulate physical growth and from the internet to glean knowledge and have the information on their fingertips. With the social media taking some very serious steps as to curb mind-altering and suicidal content from their respective platforms also helped decrease the rate of suicide among the young ones. This situation however had not reached Pakistan fully at all at the time. This was due to the fact that at that moment in time internet was a luxury in Pakistan and only a few could afford it. So the masses did not get subject to it. The research found that more of the content being trafficked on the social media towards suicide and depressive mindsets were not being run by the youth themselves but other sources. They were promptly shut down back then.

To go sit and talk it all out to a shrink is something of a different nature but to be subjected to serious disorders of the mind is something of a concern. This could be due to various reasons. The pace of life picking up and our youth is getting experimental. Exposure is not to be confused with experimental. It is a cycle of portrayal, acceptance and adoption. This is simply what leads to altered pattern of thinking. In the olden days it was through books and other mediums. Experiments had been duly carried out in the early 1960’s of inserting quarter frames in a movie reel of a certain product. After the run of the movie the ones who had attended the theatre were observed and found that they reached for the very product off-the-shelf when they went shopping.

So to say, that there are uncountable reasons why a mind is altered and that may be the reason for depression. On a more surface scale, it is due to lack of interest in normal life that the youth subject themselves to self-harm. This may be triggered by any phenomenon where a young one is under pressure and by nature finds an escape route. All the more reason we should be careful where our younger generation is concerned. We should always let them share with us what they have in mind and hear them out thus not letting anything doubtful pent up inside of them.



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