IFA 2020 Tech Fair Berlin amid COVID

With the COVID on everyone’s agenda and mind a lot of highly social happenings took the back seat almost left to the enthusiasts and media alone. The associations and manufacturers quickly resorted to v-fairs and the likes. And why not? Everything was done from home, staying at home and mostly cooking, eating and doing whatever was available. Anyhow, as the COVID situation has somewhat relaxed there also seems a new breath of life taken by the major global events and fairs that were so sought after, pre COVID life.


Mobile World Congress like Computing Trade Fair, had to postpone its mega fair till March 21st this next year which was Barcelona’s answer to IFA used to be the center of attraction for the tech world, lovers and almost everyone because of unveiling myriads of products by every big player of the tech world. After a six month COVID setback IFA has on 3rd of September launched the IFA Berlin Tech Fair.

A quick look at the IFA Tech Af-fair

The tech fair was fairly a sample of what it used to be in the good old days. Oh, it’s just a year and seems like good ole’ days. The tech fair which started back in the year 1924, in 2000 became a hybrid affair. Unlike last year’s hustle and bustle with booths and stalls crowded, touching and feeling the new products boasted a full capacity of over 240,000, 1,900 exhibitors showcasing their newest and yet to launch products and services on a 160,000 square meters of corner to corner filled Messe Berlin.

This year only a handful of manufacturers had their real stalls with real people. no problems where the social distancing and all is concerned but it seemed more like an experiment to judge the potential of keynote speakers on screen from afar and a virtual stalls realm. The virtual stalls for some worked well. The keynote though seemed impersonal as can be expected anyway.

Moreover, the throng of journalists hopping from stall to stall with their crew was not the same either this year. Simply because the attendees were not at all to match last year’s turnout. The standalone product launches too had its own pros and cons towards the centered tech fair. According to the Director IFA Dirk Koslowski “A normal IFA, with 240,000 visitors and 6,000 media representatives from 80 countries just isn’t practical”. At least, they did make the event happen.

This year Qualcomm made its first keynote address and showed off its cost effective 5G phones and laptops although the presentation by the company’s President, Cristiano Amon was a pre-recorded one as you can see in their video below.

Honor and Huawei were one of the companies which did have a stall to be reckoned with as far as the COVID situation goes. And they had some things to touch and feel. It did get some good reviews around here and there. Although they saved up their mainstream product range for the Shenzen Conference on September 10 on their own home ground.

How could home appliances have stayed behind in the line? Samsung Electronics mustered up some strength and showcased some of their products. The center of attraction for Samsung was their Second Gen, Fold2, folding phone. Not a bad job.

TCL was one of the exhibitors present with their speaker unveiling their latest line of products as you may see in the video below

IFA Xtended was a good innovation for the virtual tours and the immersive technology deployed.

Not too bad an effort, not to mention the two musicians who played the welcoming notes at the IFA Messe. Hoping to see a better form of hybrid and more real IFA next year we leave you now to enjoy the videos above.



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