Ignorance Where it Comes to Relaxing the Lockdown

As the COVID lockdown in Pakistan has been lifted the masses once again have gone back to normal life. it is a breath of fresh air indeed. the feeling of once again going out and enjoying the pleasures and bustle of the city has revived.


Going back to normal life most have gone back to ‘a too normal life’ forgetting that there was anything known as the COVID that had hit us so severely that every conceivable place was under lock and key not to forget the confinement to our abodes. We have almost immediately forgotten how many lives the virus itself claimed and casually, without any precautionary measures are moving around not paying any heed to keep ourselves protected. Where the entire world is taking major precautions towards avoiding a second wave of the virus from which a couple of countries have been slightly hit but curbed the spread. Seems like we don’t care at all.

As we step out on the road we come across a horde of normalcy that is ignorant of any of the SOP’s. The awareness campaigns running throughout the last several months that the virus had peaked, apparently have been wiped from memory of most, frequenting their intercity travel and their precautions avoiding falling victim to the virus again. The roads are filled with dirt from the rain (nothing new as the populace is used to leaving offal outside and not cleaning up the remains after sacrificing on Eid days), no masks for filtered breathing, no sanitisers and the list goes on. The public transport has apparently gone bonkers without implementing the seat distancing and the list goes on. The national psyche!

It is good news that there had been a drop in the number of cases of corona affected. But this good news is now being taken for granted. Already there has begun an increase in the corona cases not to include the demises – that is depressing to speak of. The lack of sense of self preservation and a lackadaisical approach towards the relaxation of the lockdown shall sooner or later see adverse effects – God forbid. None of us are in the frame of mind to be subject to it any longer. It is a devastating experience. But as we come across the large number of ‘the uninformed and the ignorant’ flocking the roads and public gathering spots without any distancing nor with any masks it is scary to fathom that the situation will remain normal for a long time.

the SARS variation that COVID 19 is has a particular phenomenon of rising in cycles with no particular hibernation pertaining to seasons, and without being geared properly anyone in non-sanitised human contact is prone to the disease. With our progression to unplanned normalcy we stand a threatening level of risk of a second wave in winters if the preventive measures are not considered by the commonplace man.



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