Let’s ‘World Photography Day’

A day of celebration for the enthusiasts of photography ‘world photography day’ on the 19th of August has its origin rooted with the invention of a process known as daguerreotype, regarding photography which was  developed by Louis Daguerre of France. The landmark process was invented on the 9th of January, 1839. The process was announced and recognised by The French Academy of Sciences and on this date in 1839,  acknowledged by the Government of France, declaring it a gift to the world from the land of the Louvre and catacombs.


Like it is with a horde of so many days celebrated the World Photography Day evolved enjoining amateur and professional photographers celebrating a day specifically for photography. The joy of the day is to take and share photographs, promoting a visual effort both behind and in front of the camera lens. It is a day celebrated exclusively for the exchange of photographs and to promote the much valued art of photography by posting the best of photos taken by several enthusiasts and even governments now.

You may find several posts tagged #WorldPhotographyDay everywhere at this day. Ranging from the beginners to various prestigious companies and Government departments from world over you can browse and get a good visual stimulation from the offerings the photographers have to make.

This also showcases the work of a number of photographers giving all a good dedicated chance to have a day for their works of art.

If you are a photographer have a great time taking photos and for the ones who are the audience it is a good opportunity to browse through some really breathtaking photos. Log on and have fun!


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