Massive tree cutting drives underway in Karachi again

By: | Muhammad Ali Azlan |



In an already boiling suburb of Karachi, a new wave of tree slaughter has begun.

There was this tree near the office, I photographed it many a times and named it ‘the tree of woe’ it stood for the 12 years I have lived in the vicinity but by the looks of it, he seemed to be more than 50 year old in the least. It was a magnificent gentle giant, with roots protruding from each ends like a beard on an old wise face, today when I made my way to the office where I have been employed for approximately two years now I saw the old familiar friend besides the roadside eatery, in the afternoon though, the worst had already transpired, it was there no more, upon inquiry I found out that the tree had been uprooted because it was a hindrance to some new “developmental work”.

The exact reason for the tree’s demise will remain with me because this is a news organization and adverts are their main source of income, let’s keep it that.

The channel had not ordered the removal but we can’t speak ill of the advertiser that did.

The tree of woe is no longer with us but it seems to me that no one notices it’s absence and the tremendous loss that we just witnessed when people looked upon it being cut to size, no one misses the majestic being or cared enough when it was being slain.

It was there, for decades, served it’s purpose, saw people and seasons come and go, served selflessly never asked for a drop of water in return, the nature was it’s provider.

Me and few of my colleagues also noticed the gross violation nature and the desecration of a natural order, especially with regards to mercurial temperatures of the Metropolis and the environmental dangers that await us in the future.

The empty space, will serve as a reminder to all when the season will get furious and summer will yet again unleash it’s wrath.

A friend reported that this is not limited to this area alone, the “development work” is spread across the city due to the upcoming elections when our barely functioning institutes will wake up from their slumbers and put on a show to woo the sheepish voters into voting for the government in power in the name of “progress”.

The tree of woe is not there anymore, some have forgotten, some are forgetting and some never noticed it being there at all.

Such is the fate of all living beings, we are all expendable.

Carl Jung said it best, the purpose of man on this earth is to kindle a fire in the darkness of being.

You are only survived by the moments you made, the memories you lived and the lives you touched.

Be good, do good, don’t seek rewards, make this world a better place for everything it encompasses.

R.I.P The tree of Woe.


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