Music Ace Xulfi traces Bayaan’s Inception and Discovery

By: | Muhammad Ali Azlan |


Veteran Musician and guitar wizard Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi, a true representative of the golden age of music in Pakistan who has now taken a backseat and is more involved in the music production side of things typed an somewhat emotional post about the much talked about musical reality TV show competition of which ‘Bayaan’ (the band) is a part of.

Xulfi involved with a similar show of his own, minus the competition, traces down the roots of his discovery of what is now collectively known as ‘Bayaan’.

Xulfi was the guy to provide a platform to up and comers in the music arena, giving them a national and through hardwork and toil and with time, a global platform to showcase their skills and art, basically providing a voice to the voiceless, getting raw talent out of the urban cities and helping revive the authenticity of what was once known as the ‘Pakistani sound’.

It was raw, it was natural and it worked.

The show was well received and opened up new avenues for musicians to explore their art, perfecting it further through communion and collaboration under the tutelage of the maestro Zulfiqar himself.

Zulfiqar’s list of achievements is long and commendable but we focus our attention to what Xulfi himself focuses on, Individuals who came together and formed a bond and then a band and are now slowly and steadily gearing up to take over the music game and remain the cornerstones of the revival of genuine, authentic and original music in Pakistan.

Xulfi had the following to say:

A journey that led hopeful and talented individuals down a path of discovery and self discovery, brotherhood and probable fame and fortune, a journey which promises to continue and mesmerize it’s listeners with the soulful artistic expressionism of ‘Bayaan’.

We wish both finalists the best, the bands are back and we couldn’t be happier, May the ‘Pakistani Sound’ continue to grow, ‘to infinity and beyond’ (no infringement intended haha).



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