Nadia Ashraf: Another One in Line?

The recent happening that has stirred a lot of controversy is of Nadia Ashraf, a senior student of Dr. Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine and Research at Karachi University who committed suicide. Her suicide has angered a lot of her fellow students and empathisers. They have all turned towards social media to vent their expressions and demand justice for the deceased. If you happen to go online you will come across uncountable tweets and posts demanding a swift justice for her. Nadia had been trying to complete her doctorate since the last 15 years and according to the sources from the University had also been part of student exchange programme with France. The girl was also playing a highly responsible role in supporting her family and her ailing parents as well. Her studies took the time stated because of her commitments as well which is apparent. this sort of condition and the circumstances she was going through to also give rise to certain mental instablity or stress related issues. These are very common living in today’s world as we can easily say that normalcy does not exist due to demanding times. at her studies off and on when she could Nadia attended and kept in touch with her supervisor and the faculty.


And all of a sudden she committed suicide! For a female student to be supporting her parents and studying is an uphill task and needs certain level of understanding. It is said that her supervisor at the time of her suicide was pressurising her to complete her doctorate at its soonest. There are other harassment issues that can easily be found on social media’s various venues. The girl was pretty and apparently of good stock. So the harassment issue could be either be a rumour or it can be true. This is anyone’s guess. Where harassment is concerned it is witnessed all over the world that the phenomenon is present in its most sophisticated to crudest forms. And for someone already under domestic pressure it can add fuel to fire. It does not appeal to any sense that a student of her calibre and age would just up and commit suicide.

Was there any real pressure from the supervisor? The supervisors are supposed to facilitate a student as their job description says. Whose fault was it that an upcoming student cum family supporter just took her own life? However, the authorities have issued a formal statement saying that the student was under mental pressure. That seemed to have added a new wave of anger from the close ones of Nadia Ashraf by taking up the tag #JusticeForNadiaAshraf



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