Netfilx Scores on Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil, the movie that originated from the world fame video game that got both serious and amateur gamers enthralled, after having screened a good six sequels, starring the dashing Milla Jovovich, has been taken on by Netflix for a series that is already in the works, as we see the game’s eighth episode coming out soon as well.


Here’s a recap from the Resident Evil movies to catch up on:

The series which is set between two timelines of Racoon City has one sequence set with the Wesker sisters entry to Racoon City and Umbrella Corporation’s secretive project, with their father hiding a sinister secret.

As the story builds up developing a fuller storyline, there is a time lapse that furthers the plot of the series to a serious 16 years where they have grown up and Jade Wesker is now in the proper element of Resident Evil’s setting with the Earth at its extinction and zombie creatures hounding the humans. The time lapse portrays the happening and sinister, action packed and mysterious events taking place in Racoon City and Umbrella Corporation’s overwhelming power experiments with the virus that created Alice.

The series for Netflix is jotted down and Executive Produced by Andrew Dabb of the Supernatural (series) fame and Bronwen Hughes the director who brought works like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul to screen will be working on the first season of Resident Evil on Netflix.

The Netflix series that is produced by Constantin Film would further the attention grabbing Resident Evil on Netflix with a more complex production aimed at the viewers to keep them glued to their screens. Not to forget the ratings. This seems much promising. Not much is known where the entire series is concerned as it is still underway and getting geared to be unveiled on the famous streaming entertainment provider’s platform.

Let’s see how much of justice is done to the original Resident Evil with it now becoming a full-fledged series. We wait and see how the episodes take us through the land of zombies and the mutilated with a handful fighting for survival.



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