Of Politics and Mice

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It has been witnessed since a long time now how foreign politics takes their toll on the underdeveloped and third world countries. Economies which includes prices of commodities etc., labour, health care and so on and so fort, to name a few.

Beginning from the European Banking families of yore – refer to Napoleonic wars, Prussian (for a detailed version on these early wars refer to Voltaire, Strov, Tolstoy and a few noteworthy American writers and then there’s Kafka, until you want to be a creature of unknown origin similar to H.P Lovecraft and his love of Cuthulu)

– and then the world wars to present day economic and fifth generation (war-fair) pun intended – to the several skirmishes we have seen over the years the entire truth boils down to a hold of power and not just power in arms and armaments (that we had witnessed during the period of the USSR disarmament. That was the time the USSR was selling their atomic, nuclear, space trips for two million dollars to rich Americans and arms technology along with the hardware to the entire world and it was their means for redeveloping their economy, in the footsteps of the Tsar, not to mention Rasputin for playing a vital role behind the decisions of the Royal family then.

But was that just a beginning to an end or the means to a beginning for they began subletting their other utilities of demand to other nations). This question is one that is to be answered in one’s own frame of mind and beliefs. These very set of beliefs are not too uncommon for the common. For the mind will believe anything that the eyes shall see and the ears shall hear. That is the norm ok? Or is it?

After many world wars and economic shifts taking their beginnings from the bare deserts of the Middle East to the Texan virgin oil reserves (which are still reserved) it can easily be surmised what the entire truth is being, a battle for the shift of powers. The very power, that lies to the onlooker and yields results for the beholder. It is the mirror of the A-listers, which commoners do not get to see. And, ah, the commoners! Or is it someone else bearing the brunt?

Such incidents or the world wide shifts of survival for a few have been taking place since the very advent of our race (let us just talk about the Maganon and not the Neanderthals for time being). A common person is not bothered where and when these occurrences are because of their struggle to earn a livelihood.

Hence the mice-slash-rat-race began, or was it the goose race from the olden times? Or better still was it some other animal like toad races put in a parameter to earn bets? This is a million dollar question, like they say “why did the chicken cross the road” and don’t ask who ‘they’ are – pun intended.

The concoction of the real world wars (concoction because a world never just crops up from nowhere but it is made to take place, about which we shall discuss in a later blog – refer to our blog on world war) which were II saw a drastic economic change from the west taking the east under their wing for production of various goods to reduce their own cost of production, which of course later had to turn somewhat sour, like the sweet and sour soup mixed with a Mediterranean salad and served with rare steak and potato mash. And it did, infact. The eastern economies got built on what was given out from the west for cost effectiveness. A simple saying shall explain it all too easily. Back in the psychedelic days, a phrase was coined which said ‘Britain invents a thing, Germans precise it, the Americans perfect it for the world and Japan produces it on a world wide scale’. To this day it somewhat stands true with demographically, only the dynamics have shifted. It is like rotating the globe you place in your beloved library the opposite way. Enough said.

The people of the world and not just Pakistan look forward to futures that are lit with good fortunes. This is a phenomenon that takes all of us into a rat race like mice running amiss in the catacombs below ground level to gather food. So much to say, it is need that makes people change the way they are and the changes are not always pleasant. The very change and we are not talking about the change in coins but the change in nature of how folks and people react to their given circumstances.

The circumstances for ever person are different given their level and standards. Thus, we cannot put all these eggs in one basket – pun intended. In simple words we live in a world where need drives us to do what we are doing today. It is the nature of a living being created supreme. Today we face energy crises, fuel crises, with no standard list of prices for regular commodities important for daily life. This makes an unstable situation and what we yearn for goes out of our reach.

In very rare cases when one takes a stand the very surroundings call the person insane. That reminds the scribe of how every great person was once called insane. Even in arts.

Coming back to the point, will this race of three blind mice that we are running today ever end? In your lifetime? In mine? Ponder over it and await our future humour blogs.





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