Of SAPMs, Resignations and Tweets

|By: Ayaz Malik|


Once again the murky matter of dual citizenship has emerged where the cabinet members of Pakistan are concerned. This time the first one to submit the resignation was Tania Aidrus from Digital Pakistan and subsequently Dr. Zafar Mirza to tender his resignation from National Health, among much hue and cry that is going on pertaining to the SAPM’s and the cabinet members holding dual citizenships. The matter has seemed to become of much public interest and has caught a lot of attention recently.

The resignations were duly accepted by the Prime Minister in the wake of the ongoing fiasco of dual citizenship of some cabinet members and matters pertaining to Special Assistants to PM. Along with the dual citizenship the issue of ‘living beyond their means’ have made a serious impact just recently after the Supreme Court issued statements related to the same earlier in the yesteryear.

Tania Aidrus the ex-google bigwig tweeted her resignation on the 29th of this month on a public social platform explaining her position over the matter below:

She, however, made it a point to slightly show her dissatisfaction which is evident in her resignation letter regarding her stepping off the post.

Earlier the details of Aidrus’ properties and bank accounts which were released by the government showed that she owned properties both in USA and UK and Singapore tantamounting to a cumulative amount of RS.452.69 with her properties under mortgage in USA and Singapore.

Aidrus however does not own any property within Pakistan.

Within moments of Tania Aidrus’ resignation the name of Dr. Zafar Mirza formerly of WHO hit the television screens announcing that he as well has resigned from his respective post from National Health. He resorted to simply s that he is resigning due to the ongoing situation of the SAPMs being under fire. Dr. Mirza also wished overall betterment of the health department as his tweet says below:

He wished well for all Pakistanis a better and more systematic procedure in his tweet earlier on the same day.

With approximately slightly over RS. 80 million, Dr. Mirza has combined assets and various property to his name. With RS.1.3million in his bank account Dr. Mirza was not facing the dual citizenship issue. He was earlier subject to inquiry where pharmaceutical industry and hospitals were concerned.

Earlier, issues had been arising in the cabinet regarding various stances taken over the pharmaceutical industry and related issues. Much of which were considered by the authorities in the ensuing meetings and discussions among SAPMs and ministers.

Now what goes on and who takes which seat and whether they stay or resign is yet to be seen and much of it is not sided to speculation as we shall see.



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