Online: A Progress or Means to Eradicate the Conventional?

|By: Ayaz Malik|


The debate whether online resources are a threat to the conventional method of life has been going on since the advent of internet as it bloomed to its present form. It was an exhilarating experience when these very resources were made common to the populace. The new methods of communication and lively browsing on the internet got everyone talking about it. Not to mention everyone riding on the digital bandwagon.  As it grew further and began showcasing things and information which were limited to conventional means alone, businesses started getting worried as to where their future was. But this was just the beginning of yet another progress for everyone to avail the benefits from. Although, it wasn’t seen from this point of view.

It is a commonly assumed that when technology and digital awareness reaches a certain level it tends to threaten some of the traditional ways of our lives. However, this, as a matter of fact is not something that is scary for traditions to peter out.

The very fact, that as soon as television made its way into our lives, everyone thought that radio had run its course and is on its way out. But that did not happen, did it? Although, initially the radio did get a major dent in its share of listeners, it recovered via various other means. Broadcast was slowly and steadily taken to other bandwidths where it accompanied the commuter rather than ones lounging at home and programming was changed accordingly.

They took the opportunity of using the internet’s online source to promote their radio programmes. Another example is of the stage versus the talkies (movies). it was thought that the stage of yore would no longer survive the onslaught of the movies. But it turned out that television took up covering stage shows and once again it was living through another medium while also maintaining its original form. Same was the case with radio and primarily magazines in physical form.

When internet giants made waves, magazines and print media was sure to fade away. Late 1990’s saw every publication scurrying to survive on the surface. What they simply did was, they made use of the technology itself. They went online as well. No threats there. Rather becoming part of the online world they got a chance to further boost their publications via e-newsletters and online subscriptions.

This is a process that, when on the horizon, seems like a looming threat but once it surfaces fully it easily becomes part of our everyday lives. All major businesses make use of it. Showbiz and television utilise it to its fullest for all it has to offer. All towards their own benefit. And it works out well for both. There is hardly any business concern that does not avail the benefits of technology nowadays, in this case online and digital technology which comprises several facets of this multi-dimensional resource.



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