Only mothers know

By: Shoaib Ahmed Ansari |


Kids were pretty happy to have some fun as they had other plans too for recreation in City of Lights when they reached Karachi yesterday from Balochistan.

They brought Biryani from famous eatery. Children identified as 9-year old Salwa, 7-years old Tauheed, 6-year old Aalia, 4-year old Faisal and 1-year old Abdul Aali were oblivion that they had been planning being happy in PPP-led government who have developed various departments including Sindh food authority bit better than Moenjo daro.

Five kids and their aunt were expired and their mother got seriously ill after having food from high-end restaurant. A mother not only lost her five kids but her life is also devastated, one cannot even gauge her pain.  Now Sindh government will take stern action against those responsible, upscale restaurant would be sealed temporarily, Police will launch inquiry besides samples from Children’s organ would be taken and be sent to Lahore for chemical investigation as Sindh government Laboratory has been facing technical issues and forensic analysis will be conducted over there. Investigation team will also take samples from restaurant and would be sent for examination.

CM Sindh and Information Minister will condole death of innocent kids and assure assistance to bereaved family. That is the end of this tragic story and this family till next one.

Not far enough, on 11thNovember 2018, two kids went with her mother for dining out at upscale restaurant of Zamzama, Karachi where they had poison instead of food and mother lost her world. The Sindh government earlier too fulfilled all the procedure as described in constitution and took strict unknown action against unknown people.

Such incidents have been taking place continuously and mothers losing dear kids, on the contrary PPP has been doing all out efforts to protect Speaker Sindh Assembly, Aga Siraaj Durrani from NAB and 18th amendment for the betterment of people of Sindh.

PPP has been ruling on Sindh for last 11 years and have devastated infrastructure of maternity hospitals to graveyard.  The Sindh government announced on 19th December, 2018 that the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) will start a crackdown against eateries serving substandard food.  Sindh Chief Minister Advisor, Barrister Murtaza Wahab had come up with promise of action that time.

He advised all restaurants and hotels owners to improve the standards of their food items. He warned that failure to do so would lead to the closure of the restaurants and hotels and arrest of the owners.  For the past one year, SFA has been dormant.  According to the law, SFA is responsible for regulating and monitoring the food business in the province. However, it has failed to implement rules, appoint staff and establish offices at the division and district levels. Although the director-general and operations director have been appointed, there is no proper setup for employees of SFA at the district or divisional levels yet.  These tall claims and promises by Sindh authorities again fell apart when two kiddos lost their lives in Karachi due to having poisonous food at famous eatery.

Though It was prime responsibility of Sindh government to make sure provision of fundamental needs of people but all they have been struggling to protect 18th amendment as well as their leaders falling in hands of NAB.

Mr. Bilawal, If a woman would throw her daughter in sea to death, if relatives of Manzoor Wassan would kill a girl in the name of honor, if police would kill innocent girl named as Amal instead of shooting terrorists. How many mothers would be deprived of their kids? If this continues, in the Day of Judgment, all these mothers will be standing beside Benazir Shaheed and you will have to face them. That day you will have no excuse to make.


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