Dog, considered to be man’s best friend, highly regarded for its loyalty, compassion and unique ‘skill set’ differing from breed to breed.


Dogs have been bred, tamed and domesticated throughout history and are widely known to be wonderful companions, they are used to provide assistance in hunting, protection and Identification and are also used to discipline farm animals, mainly sheep, further classified into: Attack dogs, herding dogs and guard dogs etc.

Recently a very renowned painting caught my attention yet again, It’s called “Dogs playing poker”.


Dogs Playing Poker refers collectively to an 1894 painting, a series of sixteen oil paintings, and a 1910 painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, considered to be ‘the working class taste’ in home decoration

I consider myself to be an art enthusiast (of sorts) although I am far from a professional but certainly an admirer, In my humble opinion art is meant to make you think and then draw up your own conclusions, what you decipher may not always be what the artist envisioned while making his masterpiece but now that it has been displayed for the world to see then like all other things in this world it is now left to the viewer’s discretion and he may see it as he deems fit.

Dogs playing poker is notoriously shunned worldwide as “mediocre” given the fact that it was produced by the painter for a cigar manufacturing company to use in it’s advertisement campaigns.

I had seen the painting a thousand times but this time around it gave me a new perspective, something I had never thought about before, ‘Dogs don’t bet on anything’ If you don’t believe the conclusion I drew then just ask a dog owner and he’ll explain what I mean by that, Dogs are the purest souls one can find and will stay loyal till the end, their world revolves around their owner and that is all that they live for, their owners love and admiration.

As I have mentioned above there are different types of dog’s, Media is considered to be one of them i.e “Watch Dog” Now the primary function of a watch dog is to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and/or person and warn the owner or scare away the threat upon sighting it.

Unfortunately a large segment of the media has failed to deliver in that respect, normally it’s the dog that wags the tail but abnormally it’s observed that sometime it’s the other way around i.e the tail wagging the dog.

This phenomena is considered to be a “diversion tactic” where the people responsible for shaping the hearts and minds of the populace turn ‘rogue’ (for a lack of a better term) and start pushing their own agendas or that of the people paying their salaries, forgetting their primary responsibility to report on what is essential and meaningful for the betterment and sanctity of the society and Ideology of the country, In short they are compromised due to various unforeseen reasons and circumstances. That is certified “Rabid” behavior.

Attack Dogs and Herding Dogs are very Interesting, The Military Establishment of a country can be considered as being the attack dogs, Dreaded canines and an unshakable resolve to pulverize it’s target, deems them to be a nightmare for their opponents.

Interestingly the role of being a herding dog has been shared by the civilian leadership and the Military Establishment since the creation of Pakistan, although the sheep have remained common.

As Pakistan continues to face an existential threat from multiple axis, those responsible of safeguarding their home from Internal and external enemies are either, compromised, exhausted, confused, vengeful, helpless, incompetent, stubborn or lack basic decision making skills.

Whatever the case may be, it seems this hoopla is not going to last much longer, something has to give, I fear a euthanization spree.

Who? Where? What? How? When?

Remains to be seen. For now, all bets are off.



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