Pakistan’s education crisis demands uniform education system

By: Syed Muhammad Kashshaf


Education System in Pakistan has always been a subject of great importance when it comes to the country’s development . By depriving our lower and middle class from basic life necessities mainly education, we can’t progress . We have a very discriminatory education system in place in Pakistan . There exist first Intermediate , A levels and the madarsa system . These different types of systems create different type of mindsets that induce conflict . Those who can afford send their children to expensive private educational institutes . The problem in having such a discriminatory education system starts to exist when children from different educational backgrounds are expected to perform on the same level in the job field like their academically sound peers who had the advantage of costly private education .

The Pakistani education system lies at the bottom of the listing of top-quality education systems across the world, critically lacking the characteristics that it must possess to compete with other countries . Unfortunately, the entire education system is based on rote learning instead of providing space and room to young minds to think critically — an approach that would lead to creativity and innovation in the process. The contemporary education system only encourages students to memorize the whole content and score good grades that are no valid evaluation of their capabilities. This is one reason why Pakistani students, especially those from government schools, struggle to adjust to education systems abroad. Outside Pakistan, there is little demand for what the Pakistani education system is producing.

University level education also depicts the same sub-standard picture as secondary and higher secondary education. Students who reach university level they lack certain qualities like research-oriented approach and creativity. Then we see university graduates complaining about unemployment and lack of merit in country; actually, he lacks basic qualities of being a university graduate which are essential to lead the modern industry.

Therefore , it has become mandatory to implement one single quality education system through out the country . We need to enhance our government education system. Government need to implement an effective education policy to bring reforms into this sector so people belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds can equally benefit from the resources and can live a better life whereas all the federating units should cooperate with the government in order to make the dream a reality because it is vital for the country’s future. It is a daunting task because the education system is divided into five ministries that include one federal and four provincial ministries. In order to bring uniformity in education system all across the country , all these ministries has to be on the same page.



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