Reciting from the heart is reason of success for Nadeem Sarwar

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


Nadeem Sarwar! An Elegy reciter, who is renowned for his unparalleled recitation and has spread his voice all over the Muslim world. What could be said about this man that gave more than 3 decades for reciting for  Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), the Ahlulbayt(AS) and Imam Hussain(AS) in particular.

Why I am writing this? Because he deserves accolade, compliments which no one has supposedly  given to him in the main stream media. But on Thursday,  eyes were not as surprised but rather more happy when I saw major Media outlets reporting that Nadeem Sarwar’s name has emerged in the list of the most searched/googled Person in Pakistan, for the year, 2017.

He stood out to be on 2nd number for being most searched about. However, this was not surprising as said above, but rather it gave an ecstatic feeling, that a person does not require to appear frequently on TV channels to promote his work. What merit is, is continuous quality of work that never goes unrecognized. This was the distinctive trait which can be attributed to Nadeem Sarwar who appears rarely on TV shows.

Sarwar’s style of recitation is unique which attracts eye balls to see his performance. His hand gestures, delivery and soul in the voice. He has the utmost feeling for Karbala, that relates back to 1400 years. He has a profound following and mostly liked by youngsters who try to copy his style.

But for me, what stands out to be the keynote reason of his success is humbleness, and never being compromising and complacent. With the passage of every year or so, he gets better and more passionate with his work.

All his nauhas deserve accolades, however for me the two best nauhas I could close my eyes and select are “Bus Ya Hussain(AS)” and “Abad Wallah Ya Zahra(SA)”, which is somehow the trend setter for many youths following him.

He may not have the accuracy for properly hitting the notes and scales, but he out performs a trained professional with his expressions and feel in his voice. He recites from the heart; and this is the reason for his success, and for more years to come.

May he remain an Inspiration and a torch bearer for the Love of Ahl-e-Beyt (AS).



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