Supply and Demand: ‘Sex Sells’

By: |Muhammad Ali Azlan|


I was in the first semester at my university, a reputed private university in a posh suburb of Karachi, money was thin, had to live up to the growing demands of the new institute, “fitting in” and pleasing others, gaining validation and affection, climbing the social and societal ladder, ‘getting noticed’ was the main focus told a confident 18 year old boy Hashim to the 17 year old me post our meeting after approximately 7 years removed from when we were in one of the biggest private schools of the country.

He lowered his voice a little and told me how he got his new phone and fancy clothes and how he was affording this seemingly lavish lifestyle, His father was a government employee and money was hard to come by with the struggling economy of the country, although I would not say they were living hand to mouth or were poor by any stretch of the imagination but they weren’t rich either, like any other middle class suburban household, we are given a set amount of money to spend in a day which comes from our father and we are instructed to use it wisely.

Hashim now lowering his voice further, more like a hushed whisper narrated something that I could never have imagined, “A guy pays me for all this”, he said.

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I was curious as to what skill had my friend acquired over the years which was getting him all the fancy stuff, “He asks me to have Intercourse with him, his voice whimpering a little”, I was taken aback, what do you mean intercourse?

He has set up a bank account in my name and wires me the money beforehand or pays me in cash, “I am not gay”, he blurted out seeing the quizzical look on my face, he asks me to do stuff to him, I am not the one submitting to his will, he is.

I am avoiding him now, he continued, he cried in our last encounter, maybe his wife is on to him.

Wife? I asked.

Wife? He is married? Is he straight? Bi-Sexual? What is he? Who is he?

He is a business-man, lives in Defence, said hashim, has a big house, nice car and a beautiful wife, has kids too I think, I was left dumbstruck.

Why will someone like that…. It does not make any sense? I asked growing more curious and confused by the minute.

Hashim shrugs his shoulders, I don’t know, all I know is, I get paid.

He took me to Islamabad and Quetta once, Hashim says sheepishly. We had a hotel booked, Well I did not meet him, Hashim backtracks on the story and I was in no mood to make further inquiries.

Hashim is now grown up and will be a married man soon and continues to live his life as normal, the last we talked about this among ourselves I was told that he was out and clean and that was just something done in foolishness.

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To this day I am not sure what happened that day, looking back it could’ve been an attempt to “Induct” me into the racket or perhaps Hashim just wanted to share this secret with someone and found me easy to talk with, Hashim and I remain to be close friends and such things were never discussed henceforth.

One does not need to get involved with the Dark Web and/or the Inter Web for a sexual favor, all you really need is novice internet skills and elementary understanding of the English language.

The Images below have been taken from Facebook after selective keyword searches and are in no way targeting or specifying Facebook as a means or a provider of such activities but PTA and the government officials sleeping on this easy to access portal for sexual exploits is downright appalling and criminal and I for one view them as an accomplice in all crimes that are committed under their watch.








Bacha bāzī (Dari: بچه بازی‎, literally “boy play”; from بچه bacha, “child”, and بازی bāzī, “game”) is a slang term in Afghanistan for a wide variety of activities involving sexual relations between older men and younger adolescent men, or boys. The practitioner is commonly called bacha Baz (meaning “boy play” in Dari) or simply BACH. It may include to some extent sexual slavery and child prostitution. Bacha bazi has existed throughout history,and is currently reported in various parts of Afghanistan. Force and coercion are common, and security officials state they are unable to end such practices because many of the men involved in bacha bazi-related activities are powerful and well-armed warlords.

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During the Afghan Civil War (1996–2001), bacha bazi officially carried the death penalty under Taliban law. The practice of dancing boys is illegal under Afghan law, being against Islam, but the laws are seldom enforced against powerful offenders and police have reportedly been complicit in related crimes.

A controversy arose after allegations surfaced that U.S. government forces in Afghanistan after the invasion of the country deliberately ignored bacha bazi.The U.S. military justified this by claiming the abuse was largely the responsibility of the “local Afghan government.”

In December 2010, a cable made public by WikiLeaks revealed that foreign contractors from DynCorp had spent money on bacha bazi in northern Afghanistan. Afghan Interior Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar requested that the U.S. military assume control over DynCorp training centers in response, but the U.S. embassy claimed that this was not “legally possible under the DynCorp contract”.

In 2015, The New York Times reported that U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan were instructed by their commanders to ignore child sexual abuse being carried out by Afghan security forces, except “when rape is being used as a weapon of war.” American soldiers have been instructed not to intervene—in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records. But the U.S. soldiers have been increasingly troubled that instead of weeding out pedophiles, the U.S. military was arming them against the Taliban and placing them as the police commanders of villages—and doing little when they began abusing children.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Pakistan are considered taboo. Even in large cities, gays and lesbians have to be highly discreet about their sexual orientation. Pakistani law prescribes criminal penalties for same-sex sexual acts. The Pakistan Penal Code of 1860, originally developed under colonialism, punishes sodomy with a possible prison sentence and has other provisions that impact LGBT’s in Pakistan. Despite being a legal offence, acts of homosexuality are rarely prosecuted in the country.

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Pakistani law is a mixture of both Anglo-Saxon colonial law as well as Islamic law. Under the colonial aspects of the law, the section of the Penal Code criminalizing consensual same-sex relations dates back to 6 October 1860 under the colonial rule of the British Raj. Written by Lord Macaulay, the Indian Penal Code 1860, as it was named at the time, made same-sex sexual acts illegal under the Anglo-Saxon law of “Unnatural Offences”, known as carnal knowledge. After Pakistan received independence in 1947, the Parliament decided to continue using the same Penal Code, merely changing the title to Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1860). Within the Penal Code, Article 377 (“Unnatural Offences”) states: “Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment […] for a term which shall not be less than two years nor more than ten years, and shall also be liable to fine”.

Names of people and places have been changed to safeguard their privacy.



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