The Panama Limbo

Just as the court judge  Muhammad Bashir  came into the courtroom, all the lawyers that linked with PML-N ‘s party entered the room and encircled the judge’s bench, their argument was that the security forces that were outside the court,  stopped the lawyers from entering the room.


The lawyers tried to disrupt the court proceedings by blatant vandalism in turn holding up the hearing till 19th October 2017.

The lawyers were protesting in the court room, after the commotion  Judge Bashir  ended the court proceedings  and asked both the accused groups to leave the courtroom.

The judge adjourned the proceeding right after it started .

When PML-N’s party workers and lawyers heard that the proceedings had been adjourned by the judge the party workers dispersed.

On 9th October Maryam Safdar and captain (retired) Safdar were noticed to be put on trial on 13th October 2017.

On Thursday MNA captain (retired) safdar  and Maryam safdar  including their party left on a personal aircraft prior to the proceedings, Maryam Nawaz Sharif and MNA captain (retired) Safdar  reached the court  on Friday morning.

While Maryam Safdar was being questioned by the media about the hearing ,she shared her view that the interior ministry should take notice and should  come up with “a powerful plan” for these types of situations .

From October 11 2017 Sharif’s sons were given 30 days to appear at the court, ordered by NAB.

Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz are consistently a no-show at the court , the court has ordered NAB to start the process whilst hinting issuance of warrants if they remained absent.

The accountability  court failed to initiate the case of Maryam Safdar and MNA captain (retired) Safdar due to hooliganism , whereas Hassan and Hussain Sharif’s is being  observed by the judges . While Nawaz Sharif’s process cannot be initiated because of his absence.





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