Yes, Palestinians are oppressed but, what about Yemenis?

By: Abdul Moiz Malik


Pakistani public, government, media, political parties and establishment have unanimously stood with Jerusalem, denouncing US President Donald Trump’s action to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Infact, the whole Muslim world has criticized Donald Trump’s move and have been in concordance that this move will disrupt region’s peace.

Palestinians have long faced oppression against the hand of barbaric Israel who unleashed every form of brutality against them.

But, another country is facing same barbarism.

How many of us know that there is a human catastrophe going on in Yemen? Do we even know that a war is being ravaged in Yemen?

War, famine, starvation, epidemic and deaths; these are synonyms of life in today’s Yemen.

Let just go back. In 2015, Pakistan’s National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution to not indulge in Yemen’s war and to remain neutral. The resolution was adopted and passed after Saudi Arabia reportedly asked Pakistan to send its forces to Yemen.

Pakistan denied, and since then, Pakistan is insouciance to what’s going on in Yemen; dead silence.

Every political party staged a rally against Israel and US, but, how many came out in support of Yemenis?


We flooded social media with posts showing our solidarity with Palestinians, but, how many sympathetic posts for Yemenis?


Pakistan went to OIC and to Security Council against a move that is yet to be materialized, but, did we speak a work for innocent and starved Yemenis?


The frantic media and moralistic anchorperson who’re ready to liberate Palestine on their talk shows didn’t utter a word for Yeminis.


No one even issued a sympathetic statement for Yemini kids who are dying because they don’t have access to food and medicines.

This is because we don’t want to displease the enormously rich Saudi royals. Saudi Arabia has been the leader of this war because the enormous regime considers this tiny Yemen -poorest middle eastern nation – a threat. Our civil and military leaderships have deep vested interest in Saudi Arabia and that riyals buy everything. We are always looking to appease them royalties because they are the one to whom our politicians have to run in case things go astray and it’s not in our interest to irk ‘’rich’’ Saudi Arabia for a ‘’poor’’ and ‘’good for nothing’’ Yemen. So, we are silently watching them die, going on in our lives as if nothing is there to be concerned.

If we are to assess what is going on in Yemen, the facts are grievous and heart wrenching.

By October 2017, atleast 5159 civilians have died in this conflict, more than 20% of them being children and 8761 are injured, according to UN. Saudi led coalition has mostly targeted the areas where civilian causality rate will be higher.

Yemen is devastated.


Saudi Arabia has been the perpetrator of ghastly war crimes in Yemen; from bombing civilians to targeting food supply to blocking the aid convoys. They dropped bombs, left entire areas to rubble and those who survived the bombing are now being starved to death.

Saudi Arabia has deliberately cut off every possible mean through which international organization can supply aid.They have imposed a blockade on Yemen’s port due to which no aid can be supplied to dying Yemenis.The conflict and the blockade imposed by the coalition forces have left 20 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and has created the world’s largest food security emergency.Aid agencies have repeatedly said that Saudi-led coalition air raids and blockade on the country’s air and sea ports have been depriving large areas of food, fuel and medicine

Yemen 2

UN has appealed the Saudi regime to end the blockade of Yemen seaport so that food supplies can be transported into Yemen, but, all calls have fell on deaf ears of the regime who are not allowing any aid into Yemen.

According to recent report published by UNICEF director, more than 20 million people, including over 11 million children need urgent humanitarian assistance. According to the 2018 Humanitarian Needs Overview, 16.4 million people in 215 districts across Yemen lack adequate access to health care – 9.3 million of whom are in acute need. An outbreak of cholera has killed more than 2,000 people and more than 900,000 suspected cases.


Numbers don’t do justice in depicting the misery that Yeminis are subjected to, even toddlers. Those severely under weighed kids are a jolt to our conscious only if we want to look. The pictures posted in this blog are the ones that are less painful. There is more grimness and horror to this story.

It is not that the entire world is mum on this matter.Donald Trump, the most vicious oppressor according to us has called Saudi Arabia to end the blockade and let the aid to reach the general population who are ravaged by war and famine.


UK has also admonished Saudi Arabia for using UK-supplied weapons against ordinary Yemenis.

Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday the country will stop supplying weapons and ammunition to the United Arab Emirates, citing “great concern” over the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

A total catastrophe fraught with famine starvation and devastation has razed Yemen and all we are told here in our country is the pledge to never compromise the sanctity of Harmain Sharifeen.

Why are we not talking about them? Are they any different form Palestinians? All we listen are missiles being intercepted and downed by Saudi Arabia that are being fired from Yemen. This is totally one-sided pictures. Even if there are rebel sections that Saudi regime considers a threat, they should be dealt with but, atleast innocent civilians should be saved.

Obedience has made us apathetic towards those who’re also looking toward us. Media, political parties have opted to remain silent because of their interests and the influence of Saudi Arabia. The only difference between Palestinians and Yemenis is that former are being oppressed by Israel (a Jewish state) while later are being killed by our own brother Islamic country.



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