Harvey Weinstein: From Hollywood honcho to sexual fiend and Pakistan’s sexual harassment woes

‘Sexual harassment ‘  in any form is unwanted and undesirable sexual behavior  that is intimidating, offensive and unpleasant .


It affects people in many ways  and it’s against the law. Both men or women can become sufferers of sexual harassment.

If you feel  intimidation, fear, or pain when someone is harassing you then this will be considered as sexual assault. Harassment are not a new trouble for women but it is becoming a serious issue.

It’s in the news nowadays as the who’s who of powerful Hollywood actresses came forward to tell their stories about sexual exploitation and workplace harassment.

Allegations of sexual harassment  are being leveled at Harvey Weinstein, an American film producer.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein is being probed by the London police whereas his lawyers are claiming that some of the allegations are false. A lot of women told their stories including one who was allegedly raped by the wealthy producer who was clearly in a position of power.

He was dating  actresses including Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan and many other employees of The Miramax and The Weinstein Company.

Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd

Harvey Weinstein was terminated by the board of The Weinstein Company on Sunday in the light of these allegations.

Some cases were “consensual”  says Harvey Weinstein.

Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan

He has subsequently denied any of the non consensual sex allegations. After the first allegation which emerged a week ago , Weinstein  said that he realized his wrong-doings and he had caused a lot of pain and he sincerely apologizes for it to his colleagues.

He has harassed women for multiple decades. He is a super sexual -predator and professional at it, claimed a Police official.

Weinstein’s behavior shows that he has been at this for a long time. Many of the emerging claims of sexual harassment are repulsive and disgusting.

No one asks or deserves to be sexually harassed by anyone.

Men like Weinstein have always existed and unfortunately will continue to exist.

Many cases of harassment also take place in Pakistan.

Harassment is a major issue in Pakistan. There is no doubt that workplace harassment is real and not a myth.

Victims have claimed that the offices are filled with lustful and lecherous bosses who are willing to exploit or coerce women and/or men in some cases for sexual deeds in return they offer them money, power or position in some cases mere intimidation or job security could land a naive employee into the trap.

Working women have tales of harassment which may leave people awestruck and dumbfounded, such is the vile nature of this act.

In an increasingly competitive and inflation -wracked Pakistani workplace there are many women who become targets for men with power and position.

Fighting for recognition in the corporate world is a hard hitting job for both men and women, but it becomes even tougher for women when the perks are packaged with sexual harassment while hunting for a job or being on one.

Women are all too often singled out for harassment at the work place.

Usually men assert power and signal in patriarchy by sexually humiliating and dominating women by exploiting their physical or monetary weaknesses.

Harassed women are considered to be the pariah and are also persecuted for an often non-consensual and forceful act which is borderline rape.

However in Pakistan especially in small villages or cities this matter is seen as a “taboo”, a matter which can leave a tainted mark on the honor of a woman regardless of  the harassment being or not being her fault.

If a victim speaks out people question her. A victim is then socially harassed which leads to further embarrassment.

Women still regularly report being physically assaulted or verbally harassed.

This problem is so deep-rooted in Pakistan that harassing is considered to be a form of leisure pursuit and when a woman complains about harassment people tend to turn a blind eye and oft blame the women assuming that she must’ve lead the man on which made him cross that line deeming the act “consensual” and what the girl “bargained for”.

In Pakistan there is a law against this it’s known as the Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010.

It was seen as a victory against this putrid malpractice when it was passed in 2010.

It would take time to change the culture of the workplace as change comes slowly but making a law is a first step and the real authority of the law lies in its implementation.

Laws can not only revolutionize the society, but can also bring a positive change in our society too.

Harassed women should speak up and an environment should be created which encourages them to do so, women in Pakistan should come forward and unmask these sexual predators who are the scum of the earth.

We can all make a difference and remove this pesky weed of harassment, there is a long way to go in creating an enabling work environment in Pakistan but speaking up and demanding for it can surely be the first step in the right direction.


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