Power Workouts for Couples is the best during these times

|By: Ayaz Malik|


During these days of keeping oneself in proper shape has become more of a challenge than was expected a few months ago. That was when COVID-19 was just a whiff of a rumour. But after it has hit us severely (as was not expected by anyone) the home-ridden lifestyles have made living, sedentary not to mention, we have become couch potatoes in most cases.

As it is necessary to ‘stay home and stay safe’ using all precautionary measures in avoiding being inflicted by a virus that has become a mammoth of immeasurable size, most of us resort to the comfort zones of our homes thus leading to various other complications that a sedentary life gives rise to. Stress, anxiety, panic, lone buzz’ and mood swings are some of these other complications.

With being holed up at our abodes, the need to stay healthy and fit arose. This is by choice also and as a precautionary measure as well. To address the need, trends swung towards online fitness training. The virtual activity very much kept the trainers in work and the ones wanting to stay healthy and fit at their ease of working out at home and on their toes.

One of these trends that became much popular and is fuming a significant success rate is the ‘power workouts for couples’. For couples and partners as they both compliment each other and can be a source of a healthier and more involved power workout. These power workouts for couples are going pretty viral.

So what is a power workout these days?

As the name suggests, it is power based and involves the element of speed combined with the workout, giving it a synchronous edge. This combination of strength coupled with speed makes the experience a power workout. Some combinations such as plyometrics and loaded plyometrics combined with ballistic or complex training are blending of the vigour of plyometrics with strength based complex training moves.

Although, you may well be aware of what power workouts are we at newsone thought it best just to sum it up in a few words for its introduction. Anyhow, if ‘YouTube’ wasn’t enough for you which is for many, then there are virtual trainers available to give you the grinding experience of a good power workout. All the better if you are working out with your partner. This makes it a social activity for the two. Even better to stay in shape as a couple. And, you can say good bye to those mood swings that may be unpleasant for couples.

The trend has caught up swiftly on a basis of need which has made it rather a fun-filled activity than just working out. There are several consumer related companies and products that have significantly promoted the trend during the COVID-19 period that we are all going through.

Power Workouts for couples is not just means to stay fit and healthy, they are also a good dash of physical and mental stimulation that every couple requires during this phase of life we are all going through. Happy powering up for your next session and look up our blogs and write-ups for more engrossing reads.



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