Verna Trailer Released Starring Mahira Khan-The Yay or Nay Review

A lot of hype is trolled over the success of Shoaib Mansoor’s movies due to his previous successful directions of BOL and Khuda K Liye. With the recent release of Verna’s trailer we can depict that the film revolves around the issue of female oppression. The film casts Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid as the lead roles with Zarrar as the antagonist.


The trailer starts off with the usual happy couple belonging to an overly wealthy background. Mahira‘s character soon meets Zarrar, and the story gradually transcends into a more political and controversial sceanrio as Haroon Shahid falls into the dilemma that Zarrar has eyes for Mahira.

The controversy continues to unfold into the characteristics belonging to a mainstream Pakistani drama and a cookie cutter run of the mill Bollywood flick involving a jealous husband (Haroon Shahid) and an Innocent wife (Mahira Khan) trapped in the middle of love, politics and betrayal.

The story evokes female empowerment when Mahira’s character Sarah decides to take revenge from those who did her wrong. In one scene she says,
”Main sirf tumhari biwi nahi hun tum se alag ek poori insaan hun.”

(I am not just your wife but a complete other being as well).

On another note I appreciate the fact that she tries to highlight the importance of gender equality but her dialogue delivery churns the true essence behind the true war against patriarchy. She needs a strong tone and sense of dialogue delivery instead of nagging away the script lines. I was expecting strong dialogues to be delivered in the way Humaima Malick did justice to the famous lines,

“ Jub khila naisakte to paida kyun karte ho?” From Bol.

Here you be the judge,

The quality of the music, dialogues and acting descends as the story proceeds further. I feel that Mahira has never proved herself to be a versatile actor despite the fact that she is one of the actresses that has received countless opportunities in both dramas and movies.

Though Mahira’s performance throughout the trailer seems to be inversely proportional to the expectations of Shoaib’s Mansoor’s films, I’ll still be heading to the cinemas on 17th November to see this girl next door making a feeble attempt to go wild in the entanglement of a film focused on power, politics, vengeance and violence. My review about the trailer has fallen into the pit of Nays,I hope someone else’s role in the movie can help pull me out of my misery.


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