Sakina Samo: The First Artist to support Saba Qamar

After Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed being subject to an FIR for a shoot at a mosque we see the first voice raised in favour of Saba Qamar. It is none other but a fellow and senior artist, Sakina Samo a multi award winning actress who knows the ropes only too well. She has seen the ups and downs of the acting industry through the years and hence came forward to support Saba Qamar in time of her need.


Sakina Samo, endorsed Saba Qamar via her Instagram account making a casual but an impactful post coming out with her support for both the artist and the profession. Her post strongly and lovingly endorsed Saba Qamar as a person who doesn’t mean harm to anyone and lives her own life happily without interfering in anyone else’s.

Surprisingly, Sakina Samo’s post has began an online debate with quite a few supporting Saba Qamar with the stand that an apology tantamount to everything and to judge is only God’s business. The debate has cropped up the hashtag #standbySabaQamar. And yes it is a debate already active on Sakina’s post which seems to have caught a lot of attention both in favour and highlighting the controversy.

Where occasions like these are concerned we often see a ‘radical’ and a ‘live and let live’ side of the masses come to true colours. Everyone says what they want. After all social media is a open platform. The crux of the matter turns out usually to be a trifle and sooner or later the dust settles down. Now, we are not talking about something that would relate to real blasphemy at all as when we say Blasphemy it means something very severe in nature and one for which an apology has not or never been rendered. It is a simple idea of what our mindsets turn towards when certain subjects are talked about. If it is the female suppression, there goes!

Elaborating it a bit further let us see how so much blasphemous material goes unnoticed and is not referred to at all. Perhaps it is because of the reason that the actress is from mainstream media and can easily be targeted. Let’s finish off by simply resorting to ‘ if an apology is good enough for God it might work for humans too’.



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