Sania Mirza backfires on Veena over ‘racy’ photoshoot in the past

By: |Simra Shahab| 


Twitter is one of the freest speaking social media portals in existence where multiple people can be observed airing and sharing their opinions without much care and regard for repercussions or consequences.

The highlight and focus of such diatribes are mostly celebrities and politicians with their contentious posts that quickly come before the public eye and boom, it becomes the center of attention all over like a hot tattle in town or breaking news.

We know that Veena Malik called out Sania Mirza by tweeting her impenitent concerns regarding Sania’s infants’ health as the national cricket team players along with the Indian tennis ace and wife of former Pakistan Cricket Team captain, Shoaib Malik was also observed with the troupe with her baby in tow.

Mirza clapped back upon Veena’s snide remarks that her son was not there at the shisha place and that Malik doesn’t need to stress about the wellbeing of her family. Moreover, she added that she was not the coach, dietician or a mother to the national cricketers to stop them from consuming ‘junk food’.

She was by all accounts angered at the unclear concern from the stranger with respect to the child’s prosperity since it is perceived that a mother usually knows what’s best for their children.

Exactly when it seemed that the contention was going to be settled by Veena persistently clarifying and supporting her point of view with respect to the underlying tweet, Sania’s unapologetic reaction came at her like a proverbial ‘Cannonball’ which she then quickly deleted.

Mirza had called Veena out over her ‘racy’ photo shoot that she had posed for in the past and how if Mirza was in her place she would agonize with the knowledge of something this ‘hazardous’ existing which can probably end up in front of Malik’s own children.

Malik did not keep quiet and raised questions on Mirza and the troublesome bag she carries behind her back regarding her career tribulations that have been overlooked.

The question arises, is it alright to take others’ personal lives in an account of how and what somebody ought to do or jab nose in somebody’s home or parental lives, that too without appropriate information?

In addition, is it reasonable enough to mortify an individual on their decisions or past encounters?

A general rebuttal or retort to trigger the other isn’t decent or acceptable regardless. None of it is by all accounts sensible or discerning, taking into account that these individuals are famous celebrities and athletes as well as are grown-ups in the absolute ahead of everyone else.

Furthermore, the Mirza-Malik clan seems to be confused regarding when exactly were they out and about eating at famous local fast-food and ice cream place.

Sania’s tweet suggested that they are allowed to go on an outing after losing a match too.

However, Shoaib Malik’s tweet says they went there prior to the match. His tweet not only infuriated the Pakistani cricket fans but also raised questions regarding their fitness, considering their health is extremely important in order to cope with the extremely demanding fitness standards of cricket.

Ironically, these ‘fans’ had a cool down moment right after Pakistan’s victory versus South Africa and everything they claimed before for the cricket team is as if those words were never uttered in the open air and did not pass inside every other person’s lung.

Our country is full of patriots and emotive heads no doubt in that, and when it comes to an India vs. Pak clash which is somewhat personal to an extent that these sportsmen are always pressurized.

The same cricketers are loved and literally set to the standards of a king at their best and are brought in the same light just to ridicule, mock and de-motivate them on their lack of performance. What we as ‘patriots’ and cricket fans do not realize is that every team or any sportsman as a human has ups and downs.

All we can do is to motivate them and respect them no matter what because that is what common decency demands from us.

In the end, the pitch is not ours, and they are heroes of hours capable of miracles, period.



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