Second World War : A Lesson For All

With a few days ago, marking the anniversary of the Second World War, with the first atomic bomb being deployed as a last means to end the undying conflict, there leaves no room for another war of the magnitude that was witnessed then. At that point even the pilots who had flown the plane carrying the death sentence in their bomb payload had reservations as to the actual dropping of the bomb over Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Not that the pilots weren’t patriotic to their country but because of the reason that the resulting aftermath of the explosion would stretch severe devastating effects claiming lives, sparing not a single soul where the explosion would mushroom. The entire episode at that time took place after the Pearl Harbour bombing which was an unexpected call that drew the USA to war zone. And to win the war it was then imperative for the allies to rope in USA. As by that time USA had defected a couple of German scientists in completing a fully tactical working atomic bomb. The last conversation before dropping the bomb that the pilot had with the command centre, showed a reasonable hesitation in completing the mission. Nevertheless, the objective to execute the given orders was taken into action. It cost the lives of the entire region bombed. As a result of the ensuing radiation after the explosion, an entire generation of the Japanese suffered mutated child births and various other health problems. The war was won making Japan (a strong part of Germany’s coalition because of their code of ethics where warfare is concerned) withdraw because of the devastation that had taken place but the use of atomic power was thought again twice by  Pentagon and  Downing Street alike. The details of how exactly the Second World War ended to date are still enshrouded in a mystery of its own. Stories regarding the exact end get vague because the dialogue of each person differs somewhat. Accounts of what transpired are rampant and subject to the one quoting them.   


The nuclear race then continued on as it was a new form of energy but the deployment of the same for actively destructive reasons was always kept under strict consideration. Although, in recent years there have been successful tests of the destructive power of the said atomic fusion. That very much is part of a deterrent approach which countries often use. Much thanks there to the hordes of USSR remains of Nuclear and Atomic installations and warheads which were available almost off the street after the Cold War came to a restless end. We have already seen that in more movies than may be imagined. A lot had already been written and became bestsellers on the subject so we need not go into details.

The Second World War, unlike the first and the conflict that of the Napoleonic times of the Waterloo fame, played the part of being more of a lesson, that if the warheads were to be activated the entire world would become a lifeless crater. Even the so-called Rogue Countries keep their radioactive arsenal at bay hardly ever activating any target via live satellites.<

This race had to continue anyhow, as in its wake the Second World War left innumerable arms and armaments production facilities with a vacuum that had to be filled or rather not let go of because of the investments already made into them. But that’s an economic story there. The world today, is now fighting more of a financial and economic warfare than to delve into actual full scale wars. If a nuclear war presents itself now, there would be no ending to it, as almost every country of the world is equipped with some form of devastating Nuclear Weapon. But will it remain the same after a complete financial bottleneck of the World Economy? Even after all the generation warfare are exhausted? That is thought provoking or rather a worrisome set of questions for anyone. Would it truly come to that the ‘fourth world war’ be fought with bows, arrows and spears again? Anyone’s guess! 



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