Strategic Partnerships in Demanding Times

Living life in the fast lane, the economy patterns shift to a convenient and a more flexible one that delivers on time rather than mere perfection. Ride hailing started because it was need of the day. It may also be referred as ride sharing but that differs slightly from the former. Although it may be noted that the first ride hailing was for the wealthy, offering limo services. On the other hand ride sharing was of the carpool concept, more students’ and youngster’ friendly thus cheaper. The concept is simple and was tried out and perfected ranging from cars to bicycles. However, the cars, bikes and deliveries work for most us.


Life on demand, that we live had this online based concept up and running as soon as it was introduced. With traffic conditions that we face it was a breeze to hail a ride, sit back and relax or work, making your trip from home to work, vice versa or anywhere you can imagine. The young populace found it pocket friendly. That is one of the main reasons why the concept leaped to a high success rate. As the concept of ride hailing expanded so did the database of the companies offering the service. as the database expanded it opened up newer venues for the companies to provide further value added list of services. Light on the pocket, on time, reliable and a bit of trendy, got the ride hailing companies to establish their operations offering services to various other countries like the Middle East and Far East.

To cope with the demanding pressure of COVID situation in Pakistan two high profile companies joined hands towards facilitating the ride hailing captains. The companies namely Chevron and Careem of Pakistan,  partnered for a smoother ride hailing experience. The world renowned chevron with its impressive line of mobile lubricants shall provide cost effective oil change packages to Careem captains in three major cities of Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This relationship will minimise the financial cost on the captains who are working to provide ride-hailing services to the masses during the COVID situation.

In the business world of today such partnerships are a healthy sign that benefit the working class. Chevron Pakistan Chairperson and Area Business Manager Ahmed Zahid Zaheer, Careem CEO and Country General Manager Zeeshan Hasib Baig were amongst the several top notchers of the industry to attend the said ceremony.



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