Tackling Stress and Mental Issues While Quarantined

|By: Ayaz Malik|


Throughout time it is only in the adverse moments that we know our actual worth. For instance, the past is filled with a handful of inflictions that we have been subjected to. This time it is the outbreak of the COVD-19 or corona virus, as its commonly known. When the virus surfaced it was taken lightly. This was because no one had expected that it would reach the magnitude that it is at now. No one expected that it will come to our being bound down at our homes in an environment of being quarantined.

Life came to a halt. Everything stood still. Everyone including the governments were unsure about what may happen next. And then we did or did not get used to it is something more of a personal idea within the mind of every person and family. But then, in the past there have been a number of breakouts of viruses that had claimed many lives. We started comparing the COVID to virus breakouts from the past and telling ourselves that if they could face it we can also do the same. Now, this was not an easy feat. That is because staying holed up at our homes and respective abodes is not what humans are meant for. But this was exactly that we were subjected to. Not to mention we’re still not going through it somewhat. Although, not as severe in some countries then it is in the others.

Constantly being confined to our homes, our bodies started becoming lethargic and we began busying ourselves with any possible and available means. But where stress is concerned there is no escaping the fact that constant repetition of the same cycle within a given boundary gives rise to immeasurable mental instability or let’s just say our mental health starts deteriorating. This became one of the biggest worries for when a person family or an individual is quarantined for any reason over three to four weeks of time the mind starts getting boggled in its own capacity. To maintain the mental health and stay mentally focused became the utmost necessity.

While the quarantined should try exercising on a regular basis for better blood circulation and endorphins release, stimulating their mind and bodies, the ones not quarantined should also do the same.

It is healthier to organise life on a similar pattern as it normally is then let ourselves run amuck just because we may or are quarantined. Regular eating, sleeping, entertaining, working or busying yourself, exposure to fun related activities and then some, leads to the same healthy mind that you had before being quarantined.

Thinking of good things rather than being or sitting morose because you are confined to your home, will help you look forward to better future prospects when your quarantine ends.

Do not overdo anything as chances are that while in a limbo you may extend time, given to several things and burnout in a go. Avoid all sorts of burnouts as they will lead to post activity tiredness.

Do not, under any circumstances over eat or sleep immediately after a meal. This will lead to many complications.

Drink a reasonable amount of water i.e. have quite a bit of it because it will wash out most of the residue built-up of the entire day.

Last but not the least, try having a healthy outlook and be prepared to come back to your normal self when your quarantine is over.



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