Thar Coal Project Sino Sindh takes off

With the advent of CPEC, the Chinese Premier said that reviving the silk route to newer and more destinations linking almost every conceivable country and city would be the beginning of the new world order. The news was published then on China’s official website prior to Li Jinping making a world tour. Pakistan was one of the first countries to join in as it was the most strategically placed because of its central location from where almost all branches of the communication lines would be laid. At that moment in time USA more or less welcomed the idea with a slightly twisted smile. European nations jumped at the opportunity as it was most beneficial to them with Brexit nearing. To sum it up CEPEC was the Golden opportunity no one wanted to miss including New Zealand and Australia.


Although, Australia would need USA’s present government’s help to deal with the mammoth growth that China commenced on as soon as they let their Iron belt alone and concentrated on the new project that was CPEC.

Since then CPEC has come a long way and has established itself in Pakistan’s various provinces with a successful rate of progress it is going on with further development projects in Pakistan.

The recent concentration of CPEC is no other place than the resource-rich Thar which lies in the province of Sindh. Thar had earlier been explored in the late 1960s and found to be richer in both oil, mineral, and valuable metal than our neighbouring countries. This, China has taken the opportunity to explore and has started work in the Sindh region of Thar Coal Project Block-1.

With the arrival of a batch of 500 Chinese engineers and managers from China’s giant Shanghai Electric established in 1882, work on the Shanghai Electrics Coal Block-1 project, a priority implementation project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor CEPEC will speed up with the new batch that arrived a few days ago.

Taking off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport a few days ago the Chinese personnel had arrived at Jinnah Terminal to commence work on the Thar Coal Project Block-1. This return of the Chinese batch is considering the situation after the COVID and they were given a warm farewell by Mr.Chen Ganijin and  Mr. Liu Guoping on their departure from their parent country.

Mr. Li Jigen, CEO Sino Sindh Resources (Private) Limited, an overseas subsidiary of Shanghai Electric working in Thar, Sindh Pakistan announced that after the COVID-19 situation this is a major development for the company paving their path in resuming the construction and production work aimed at producing clean energy (electricity) from the resource coal at the Thar Coal Block-1.

Li Jigen said “The efficient transportation for moving Chinese workers to Pakistan could not have been possible without the kind support and assistance from Shanghai Municipal Government, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, the Consulate General in Karachi, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Air China, the Prime Minister’s Office of Pakistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other government departments”

All set to start work on the project the Chinese engineers and managers have begun their respective duties without wasting any time. hopefully, the outcome that is a sizeable amount would see fruition on-time delivering cost-effective electricity to the province of Sindh.



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