The Best of Crime and Thriller Books for the Month

Can’t go to a book reading and have the pleasure of a sip of tea with a good vibrant readout from the pages of some of this years’ best crime and thrillers. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a pick of a few latest titles for your bedtime and beyond it reading pleasure.


Still Life
by Louise Penny

Set in the background of hamlet of Three Pines, in a rural village south of Montreal, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Surêté du Québec takes to hunting down an unknown killer. The locals of the area believe it to be an accident where the inspector picks up on the clues to a more sinister rival rather sensing the murder to be more  than just a mere accident.
With full command and poise the award winning Louise Penny’s character takes the reader into a traditional styled sleuthing. Still Life is a book that will keep you glued to its engrossing storytelling and a turning plot.

The Other People
by C.J.Tudor
Enter the realm of the creeps and gripping writing with this C.J. Tudor title for that contorted and mind challenging reads presenting another missing persons genre of reading. Fulfilling a hefty appetite of the supernatural suspense and a constant page turner, C.J. Tudor’s The Other People is a classic search for a daughter by her father who believes she is still alive even after years have passed by.




The Lantern Men
by Elly Griffiths

From the author of Dr. Ruth Galloway Series of fiction mystery books, Elly Griffiths The Lantern Men is her 12 installment of the series. More of a soap opera series of books which carries the character’s story from one book to another, this time, Ruth Galloway  enters a new setting of life and job in Cambridge shifting from University of Norfolk. Facing newer challenges and entering a relationship with Frank an American bloke. Her daughter, Kate is now nine years old.
This time the forensic archaeologist is faced by a tangled case of multiple murders of women. The setting for the thriller is in the environs of the East Anglian scenes giving the book its name as its worth. The murderer, an elusive and self obsessed character who gives out information to the police as long as Ruth pursues the case according to his wishes and whims.  An episode discovering relationships, friendships and challenging loyalties The Lantern Men is a well chracterised and written book of the series after a lapse of a couple of years.


The Perfect Couple
Jackie Kabler

A quick read that you will be able to finish within a single sitting throughout the evening The Perfect Couple is a whodunit murder mystery, centering on the main character, Gemma presented by Jackie Kabler in this fresh read. The storyline revolves around Gemma and her life with Danny, her beloved better half whom she dotes on.
The story takes a dramatic twist after Danny is murdered and Gemma, when coming across the police investigators, after a couple of days waiting, to verify Danny, finds that the mysterious killer has not just murdered the love of her life but there are more victims. Interestingly, they all look like Danny himself. Typical ‘detective-doubting-thomases’ do not want to agree with Gemma’s findings. What happens next is for you to read on with Jackie Kabler’s latest mystery.

The Less Dead
Denise Mina

A successful Doctor, Margot ventures out to find her birth mother but it is not that easy as Margot had thought. Margot meets her aunt Nikki who has been receiving threat letters for decades and Nikki confides in Margot.
Margot wants to know the truth about how her mother who was a sex worker died. One of Denise Mina’s new books which is also a Reese Witherspoon book reading club choice, follows the doctor on her journey finding the truth and facing danger herself. The Less Dead is a mesmerizing factual and gripping read. A near-to-life-experiences-based and a heart-wrenching combination of Mina’s writing skills once again at its best.

The Lies You Told
Harriet Tyce
From the author of Blood Orange a Sunday Times Bestseller that is Harriet Tyce comes The Lies You Told, we see her central character, Sadie, a barrister, shifting to London with her daughter. Her father has chosen a demanding and competitive school which Sadie realises later. While coping with her daughter’s schooling she gets her law calling on a brief of a scandalous case of a male teacher and his student.
Sadie seems to be letting more into her life then she expected. The plot thickens when Sadie meets another mother from the school. Is Sadie letting an unknown threat in her home without her being aware of the severity of it? Lay your hands on this riveting, obsessive, lustful and mysterious thriller for an exciting read this month.


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