The secretive Matrix 4

|By: Ayaz Malik|


Fighting the machines to save human race , once again, we see Neo and Trinity take to the task in much touted Matrix 4. More of a rehashed and reloaded, vamped up version this sequel’s storyline has still been kept under covers only revealing bits of news items making it furthermore tantalising to devour when the flick releases in 2022 as is expected after its delay due to COVID. Now if they release it earlier is anyone’s guess.

After a 20 year hiatus, the stars of the futuristic time travel sci-fi blockbuster return to the screen but not all are present as they were, because of the passage of time. The director and co-author, Lana Wachowski has planned to keep matrix 4 a completely out of the box experience with a plot that is surely going to bring out the most unexpected twists in the storyline. The question remains if this release would polish off the Matrix movies or will it leave a teaser like the last one.

Why Keanu Reeves returned to star in the movie is, as he says, that he considered the script beautiful and an excellent movie from the writer and co author. Add to that the director is no stranger to Reeves and the main point is that Reeves, after the immense success of John Wick would definitely want to come back to his celestial styled characters as he has done in the past for the likes of Constantine, The Day the Earth Stood Still and not to miss out the matrix and its sequels. This is very similar to Evangeline Lilly’s fairytale roles that she is well known for from Lord of the Rings.

One thing is for sure.  The matrix 4 is bound to gather a flock of the younger viewers from the present generation who were not earlier in the direct groove of the movie’s cult following.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more updates before the movie releases. we are sure you must have watched the handful of promos available on YouTube already. Happy movie watching!



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