World Humanitarian Day and The Love of Life

by Ayaz Malik


As the World Humanitarian Day has been signified with women’s efforts for human betterment and saving lives we on this years’ world  humanitarian day dedicate our blog to the ones who fought the COVID on the forefront namely the doctors and the paramedics. #WorldHumanitarianDay

They not only stayed there to treat the effected but also risked themselves treating the ones in need. All over Pakistan a lot of Doctors and nurses fell victim to the deadly virus itself. Some of them even lost their precious lives while trying to save ours.

We honour the saviours efforts for what they did for us. But sadly with the passage of time we will casually forget who and what they were and their service to  our country. For this we should have a memorial service or similar to remember them by.

Our second thought goes to all the suppressed where ever they are and in trouble. With innumerable war crisis throughout the world our prayers stand with the needy and the suppressed. These emotions of sympathy are ones that  keeps the human race going on with empathy for their fellow beings. On a global scale we witness vicious crimes and inhumane happenings. These will continue for as long as we live but our caring nature is also strong enough to counter any such atrocity. And this particular quality of the beings that we are shall keep us going through all adverse situations in life. On these occasions a lot of celebs send out strong messages of love and peace.



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