Travel & Leisure: A Trip Through Karachi Water Waves

Placed at an extremely strategic point where the coastal belt ranges from one shore of South Asia to UAE, Karachi offers the most ideal in water sports. By water sports here we mean the opportunity to go boating and fishing. Pakistan waters are known all over the world for the variety of fishes and the scenic beauty.


There are a number of places in Karachi you can choose to take your boat from, to the open sea. The most preferred ones are (if you have or rent a speed boat the Marina Club, Karachi Club Annexe, the Boat Club). If you happen to lay your hands on a speed boat you will probably be lifting anchor from the Marina Club. That is because it connects directly to the open sea at a few knots speed  and you are skimming across the waters past the rest of the above-mentioned. Within two hours approximately at cruising speed on a 250x 2 engine boat you will find yourself crossing the main shelf. That is where you start seeing the true beauty of the expanse of the deep wonder. By this time if you have ventured out in the wee hours of the morning you’re in time to see shoals and schools of several types of tuna, barracuda, mackerel, etc,. Other fishes are for ground fishing.

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A mile or few ahead and you’re in Dubai waters crossing the Continental Shelf Curve. This is the deepest point that you will encounter while boating around the coastal belt. On the right is the South-Western mountainous belt of the Baluchistan coast, you will see the unique marble and coloured sediments slated in the rocks. Now a centre of attraction for the Chinese because of CPEC.

The splendour of watching and tagging fishes like marlins and even whales is nothing to be surprised of. You will also be showered by the flying fishes hopping all around and over your boats. Be careful where barracudas and mackerels are concerned because they can easily snap of you entire hand in a fling.

For safety and security reasons it is best to be equipped with the proper GPS systems and screens for the sea that provide both aerial and underwater sonar technology. However, do not get carried away. Always keep one engine of your boat on less throttle while in the deep sea. As chances are the debris or the pressure of the waves at some point may cause some sort of unexpected problem. In this case even if one engine works you will be safely on your way to the nearest help point.

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As you skim your way back to the place of your departure you will love the night sky and the silicon glitter from the sea. Always remember to keep sea-sickness tablets as a precaution along with you if you are prone to it. Otherwise, hi ho sliver, away with your boat and back to your porting club or village where you may want to make way home from.

This is one of the blogs from a series of sea adventure in Pakistan. We shall keep you updated on more soon.



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