Water Water Everywhere

With the beginning of the Monsoon Season and the rain showering, rather pouring down to its heart’s content almost all of Karachi seemed to be flooded by these torrential rains. This magnitude of monsoon rains and flooding is something that has been witnessed like never before. As it is Karachi is not fully prepared to handle rainwater and its ensuing results like Lahore and Islamabad because of the reason that there hardly used to be any rains since a number of years. The authorities therefore did not have to pay much attention to the rain water drainage system of the entire city. This fact came to forefront just this season. A lot has been written about the problems of Urban Flooding at the most elite residential areas in Karachi’s main city and its environs. And there had been protests and ensuing arrests. The usual when a protest takes place.


However, there is one very severely threatening situation that may crop up if the water is not drained out in time. It is well known that ‘stagnant water’ as it gets stale becomes the breeding ground for the mosquitoes which carry diseases like the lethal Dengue and Malaria. Dengue has already claimed a lot of lives and is known for its severity. Malaria is native to the region, although it may also be very lethal if not treated in time and properly.

This is a problem we are bound to face if the clogging water is not drained out timely. At least the measures to prevent the growth of the mosquitoes carrying these diseases should be taken immediately before there comes a spell of a Dengue and Malaria plague added to the already waning COVID. Double the impact of COVID and the stagnant water borne diseases the masses of this overcrowded city shall be facing yet another epidemic.

The authorities should at least spray pesticides which the governments already have in stock (if there is any of it left – pun intended). Lest people become subject to yet another disease, timely measures are the call of the day and should be implemented soonest. We cannot seem to fill the hospitals once again with the several patients which may this time be subject to the water clogging diseases.



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