There’s this one thing I’ve been noticing in every other person i meet. Why do most of us think that degrading our mother language is something to be very proud of like why can’t we just at least respect our mother tongue. Why people are so proud of not being good at speaking / writing / understanding Urdu and tell this so proudly and repeatedly that OMG I’M SO BAD AT URDU. Like it’s fine if you are not good at it but at least you shouldn’t boast about it and just keep on telling everyone repeatedly and so proudly that you have least command on your native language. Being bad at Urdu doesn’t mean one is good and super pro at English (which actually is NOT our language).


This needs to be realized that English and urdu are two separate languages , they do not correlate with each other, like it never means that if you are bad at Urdu, you have a brilliant command of English. One can be pro at both the languages simultaneously and can even have poor command of both.

I’ve seen many individuals having excellent command of both the languages . So the point is that it is not necessary to be poor at Urdu to be good at English. And  there’s nothing to be proud in being weak at Urdu.

 Also, I’m not saying that you should only or mostly communicate in Urdu , it’s completely up to you that which language you choose to communicate in and let’s just leave the importance of this language here, but we should at least be respectful towards our first Language and just don’t feel proud on being weak at it or feel bad on being good at it and promoting it. If you are not good at it you should work on improving your skills in it, even if you don’t try to improve your Urdu communication skills, at least don’t tell everyone around you so proudly about it because there’s nothing in it to feel proud about. There’s this fact too that in this era we are not taught to be good at Urdu or our education Institutes mostly don’t focus on improving a child’s urdu communication skills, but, instead they ONLY focus on improving his English speaking skills and that’s what results in a generation like us that feels so proud about hating and being poor at their language.

That’s what I feel about it and I’m sorry if anyone of you finds it harsh. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody but I think this topic should be enlightened, especially in today’s era where every 1 out of 2 person you meet is nothing less than a mound of pretense.

By :  Ayesha Tehreem

Student : Pharmacy, KU



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