Will Trump Administration Act on the Students Visa Issue?

|By: Ayaz Malik|


Just before Trump administration ordered the suburbs to be cleaned out, the surprising orders of the President of United States regarding students to leave the country if they were unable to get transferred to a college with at least some in-person instruction, failing to clear all subjects.

Around the 6th of July the move that got heads turned was made after U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement (I.C.E)  stated that the number of F-1 and M-1 visas limiting courses for foreign students taking online classes for their further stay in the US.

The plan was brought in by the administration and the a senior (DHS) official commented on it saying the administration may still as well bring the suggestion about if the classes move fully online.

The main issue is that the President of United States is pushing for the reopening of the universities and colleges with full attendance while the latter, not in favour of it, are wanting the entire classes to be shifted online during the pandemic.

At loggerheads with the fraternities the administration rolled back the decision which was a surprise as well. However, according to DHS source as mentioned earlier they may bring in the move with the notion. If and how is something that very much seems time-related.

The US universities earn a reasonable and sizable amount as they charge the students in full where the tuition fee is concerned unlike other countries . They simply want the universities to keep their student numbers as a good revenue earner. The government for now has rolled back their decision on the subject but apparently it seems that if the elections are not delayed Trump administration is bound to bring this notion in motion. Which is a very calculated and deep move. So far it is at the surface but as August nears we’ll see how the situation evolves.



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