President Trump Blasts FDA for Delay In Vaccine

WASHINGTON DC: President Donald Trump on Friday lambasted the (FDA) US Food and Drug Administration, stating it a “big, old, slow turtle” and telling it to “stop playing games and start saving lives”.


This stands true because there have been in the past, instances when the FDA had on purpose slowed down approvals of certain medications bought in by certain administrations to give credit to following ones that had been proved to work.

What the process is that after the drug is proved with its efficacy it is then sent to FDA for a patent approval for use in the USA. This is a process where chemical industry tries slowing down the processes that are essential for the drug provision for the public.

While, Western and Chinese companies compete with each other in a race over the coronavirus vaccine, President Trump said he wanted “to stop the world from killing itself”.

This is a tweet that goes to say a lot because Trump Pence Republican Administration had resisted the one-world-order since the beginning for the entire term while brokering truce deals (never done before) without any martial attacks or use of force on any country and is the first President who recalled the troops from the sensitive areas rather than just talking about it and then getting the armament factories supplying more firepower and taking back the decision.

The Republican President who is said to have lost to Democrat representative (Joe Biden) said in his Tweet on Twitter expressing his concern for the world as it is today. The Tweets can be read at

What he held the MAGA and various recounts in the states was because of the reason that at the night of the election there had been sudden spikes in the vote count injected suddenly by thousands of votes suddenly. This is easily done in an electronic voter system because they can be easily controlled remotely via servers placed elsewhere. Then the mail-in-voting took a turn and relevant affidavits were presented. (Read more about the entire process in our future blog).

Trump took shots in a series of rapid-fire tweets Friday evening not only at (Biden) but the US FDA and former US president Barack Obama as well. It is said that Biden would opt for the Obama care from which countless insurance frauds had surfaced during the period. It was the insurance that time and again showed various records for the public who are to receive free healthcare. Because of its inefficacy president Trump dropped it. The same had caused more deaths in the government hospitals because on reaching the treatment stage the, then, health care systems would refuse extended healthcare insurance and the patients had to be taken home and ultimately died. (refer to periodicals from that time-frame)

Further President Trump directed the institution’s commissioner, Dr Stephen M. Hahn, to “get the damn vaccines out NOW” and “stop playing games and start saving lives”.

“The Swine Flu (H1N1), and the attempt for a vaccine by the Obama Administration, with Joe Biden in charge, was a complete and total disaster,” he said.

“Now they want to come in and take over one of the ‘greatest and fastest medical miracles in modern day history.’ I don’t think so,” the real estate, Casino running, family business constructor and investor tycoon-turned Republican President said.


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