ATMs and mobilizing maximum resources to resolve ATM issues

KARACHI: On Monday, the State Bank of Pakistan has called for banks to hire all necessary steps in order to guarantee maximum availability of automated teller machines (ATMs) and avoid public inconvenience in the time of the Eid holidays, said a circular.


Granting to the SBP, banks must secure ‘round-the-clock’ availability, consistent monitoring of ATMs and mobilizing maximum resources to resolve ATM issues, such as ATM out of cash, hardware/software problems, ability outages, and connectivity or network issues in a timely fashion.

To establish special help desks / contact centers operating round-the-clock for ATM related complaints, where users can lodge complaints about the any issues with the cars. Ensure that the published help desk numbers are visibly posted at all ATM booths and remain operational round the clock, it totaled. The SBP has asked banks to advertise contact details in the leading and regional newspapers previously Eid holidays for customer apprehension.


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