Budget 2016-17 does not fulfill business community expectations: Agar

KARACHI: Former President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Haroon Agar has said the budget 2016-17 fell far short of business and traders community expectations.


He said that massive relief has been provided to agriculture sector, five major exports sectors whereas there are many other industrial sectors that can boost export massively were ignored.

He said “It’s good time to go for an aggressive budget for both agriculture, industrial and trading sector but unfortunately many industrial sectors was ignored and more then expected relief has been provided to agriculture sector.

He was of the opinion that equal relief should be provided to both agriculture and all industrial trading sectors. He said that the policy should be made in such a way to provide equal relies to the entire industrial, trading and agriculture sector which has not been done.

“It’s disappointing that Finance Minister didn’t announce any major relief for traders” says Haroon Agar. He said that the genuine traders are disappointed whereas the tax awardees are more then happy with the budget provisions. He said that the government has adopted no measures to increase tax net and force tax avoider to paying taxes. Now it is time that government must adopt measures to expand tax net.


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