Female buyers given option to share CNIC of male relatives: FBR

Female customers who do not want to share their identity card number, or do not have an independent source of income, can give the identity card of their male relatives when making purchases, said the new rule of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).


On Monday, a new sales tax notification to explain amendments being made to the Sales Tax Act, 1990 was issued by FBR. Buyers are now mandated to show their Computer National Identity Card (CNIC) when making purchases over Rs50,000 from a sales tax registered person.

The notification states, “at present there are only 41,484 sales tax registered persons who are paying some tax with their returns.” “This will help bring all people in the tax system,” notification adds.

One amendment recommends that female buyers show the CNIC of their husband or father when the total bill crosses Rs50,000.

The notification states, “FBR is fully conversant of cultural constraints and traditions of the country. Therefore, in case of purchase of Rs. 50,000 by an ordinary consumer being a female, the CNIC of the husband or the father will be considered valid for the purposes.”

This only applies to women who do not have a valid CNIC or those who do not want to share their CNIC details or those who do not have an independent income, due to which they will not be registered in the tax network, explained FBR officials.


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