IHC court issues notice to OGRA over hike in fuel prices

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad high court on Friday has issued notices to Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), petroleum ministry over hike in petroleum prices for the month of February.


The IHC has directed the respondents to file their responses in a week on a petition filed against the recent hike in fuel prices.

The petitioner maintained that the government has unjustly increased fuel prices while the same are decreasing in the global market.

The court then adjourned its proceedings till February 12.

Government of Pakistan has revised the new fuel prices on the recommendations of OGRA for the month of February.

The new price for petrol was increased by Rs2.98 rupees. The revised price of petrol is Rs84.91 per litre.

The price of diesel had been increased by Rs5.92, while the price of light diesel had also been increased by Rs5.93.

The government also had increased the price of kerosene oil by Rs5.94 per litre.