IMF delegation arrives in Pakistan for bailout talks

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrived in Islamabad today (Wednesday) for talks on a bailout package.


According to details, the talks with IMF delegation will continue for two weeks.

In first phase the IMF’s technical team will hold talks with Pakistani officials and Pakistan will inform the money watchdog about the country’s economic needs.

According to details, IMF has also prepared conditions that include control on privatization, tax reforms, circular debts and inflations for Pakistan to avail the package.

Earlier, Pakistan’s Finance Minister of Pakistan, Asad Umar claimed that this would be last time the government is approaching International  Monetary Fund (IMF) for the bail out package to address economic woes.

“This will be the last IMF programme,” the finance minister assured while addressing an event at Pakistan Stock Exchange, here at metropolis.

Furthermore Asad Umar clarified that “The media is portraying the country’s economy as collapsing but that is not the case. No alarm bells are ringing.”


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