KARACHI: Pakistan Mango export likely to raise up

Export of Pakistan’s Mango to European and U.S. Market is likely to advance as the ban on India’s Alphonsos has presented Pakistan with a chance to widen the opening.

The embargo on India came into strength on May 1 after many shipments were found to contain fruit flies and also affected four types of vegetable.


Mango is a contentious matter regionally, with both countries proclaiming it a national treasure and fighting over whose specimens are superior.  Economically, at least, mango exports are one area where Pakistan appears to hold a little sharpness.

According to respective official figures, Pakistan last year exported around 100,000 tonnes for a gross of $48.6 million over India’s 56,000 tonnes for $44.6 meg.

But a European Union (EU) ban on India has provided Pakistan a chance to raise its export for the current time of year. Granting to the official website of Trade Ministry, Mango growers can begin exporting from May 25.


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