KARACHI: Remittances lifts up by 11.87pc to $11.58b in nine months

NewsONE: Remittances sent home by overseas Pakistani workers up by 11.87 percent to $11.58 billion in the period of time of nine months of the current financial year opposed to $10.35 billion during the very same period of the concluding fiscal year, the State Bank of Pakistan reported on Thursday.


He inflow of remittances in July – March FY14 from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, GCC countries (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman), and EU countries came to $3,391.27 million, $2,288.92 million, $1,820.91 million, $1,632.21 million, $1,357.73 million and $318.94 million in consequence as compared with the inflow of $2,979.31 million, $2,085.94 million, $1,636.66 million, $1,434.97 million, $1,195.86 million and $269.04 million respectively in July – March FY13.

Remittances be given from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other nations during the nine months of the contemporary financial year (March FY14) amounted to $89.48 million, NewsONE.


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