Nausheen Javed Amjad appointed FBR head

Nausheen Javed Amjad was on Monday appointed as the chairperson of the Federal Board of Revenue. In the absence of the former FBR chief Shabbar Zaidi, the officer had taken charge as acting chair of the revenue body back in February.


According to sources, Zaidi had gone on an indefinite leave due to health issues. Zaidi in February rejected speculation about his resignation, saying he had been unable to perform his duties due to ill health.

The federal cabinet approved the appointment of Amjad as the FBR chief after circulating a summary in this regard. Zaidi was removed from his position as the honorary chief of the revenue body in the summary.

Former chief Zaidi rejected speculation about resignation

“I have not resigned from my post as chairman FBR. I have just not been able to perform my duties due to ill health,” Zaidi had told media back in February. He, however, told said that he has informed the prime minister that “he may not be able to continue.”

Responding to the reports, Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh in a statement said the FBR chairman was unwell and on a long vacation. “If Shabbar Zaidi does not recover then we will look for a replacement. His return would be determined by the doctor.”

He noted that the new chairman would be appointed with Zaidi’s consultation. Shaikh stated that the government may change the FBR chairman if he does not recover soon as the government plans to introduce a mini-budget (which has to be signed off on by the tax chief).

Speculations had been rife about Zaidi’s resignation after it was reported that he was on an indefinite leave from official duties on grounds of ill health. Zaidi had gone on sick leave from January 6 to January 19. This had led to rumours that there was a rift in the government’s economic team.


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