Pakistanis will have to embrace tax culture: Shabbar Zaidi

Web Desk – (Syed Ahad Hussain)


ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chairman Shabbar Zaidi said on Friday Pakistanis will have to embrace the tax culture as steps are being taken to include the middle class in the tax system.

Talking to media here at the federal capital, the FBR head vowed to generate tax from income instead of commodities which has never been done in the country before.

Zaidi said the mandatory requirement of displaying identity card for shopping above Rs50,000 has been sought by the Prime Minister Imran Khan but was unforeseen by the traders who are denouncing and calling strikes against the requirement.

Zaidi said the whole tax system has been changed and FBR is undergoing reforms. He said everyone agrees on collecting tax from the rich who are required to pay the wealth tax.


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