Punjab allocates Rs 4.5 billion to LG&CD sector in Budget

LAHORE: Punjab government has allocated Rs 4.5 billion in the development programme for Local Government and Community Development (LG&CD) Sector for the fiscal 2016-17.


Targets and Major Initiatives fixed for 2016-2017 include: Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Project Phase-II (World Bank Assisted), Improvement of Conditions of the Public Graveyards in Punjab, Establishment of Model Graveyard (Shehr-e-Khamoshan) in Punjab, Preservation and Restoration of Lahore Fort and Construction of Union Council Office Buildings in Punjab.

According to the Budget document, Local level development and provision of civic services in urban and rural areas are the functions of District Governments, Tehsil Administrations and Union Councils. The provincial level development programmes of LG&CD are primarily aimed at bridging the financial and physical gaps, providing province wise interventions and building the capacity of local governments to perform their assigned tasks more efficiently. The total budget allocated for FY 2015-16 was Rs 3.73 billion.


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