Doctors, nurses battling coronavirus presented with guard of honour by Punjab police

Punjab Police on Friday presented a guard of honour to the doctors and nurses performing their duties at Lahore’ Mayo Hospital on Friday.


All around Pakistan, people have come out to balconies, rooftops, parks, and other public places, waving white flags to honour the doctors, nurses, and paramedics — the nation’s heroes — battling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Singing and swaying to the tune of musician Jawad Ahmed’s “Humay Tumsay Pyar Hai [We Love You]” at 6pm, people raised their flags to pay tribute to the medics who are working tirelessly throughout day and night to fight the pandemic, which has so far killed 25,000 individuals around the world since December 2019.

More than 552,000 declared virus cases have been registered in 199 countries and territories.

Doctors and other paramedic staff have been at the forefront of the fight against the virus, which has infected over a 1,000 people in Pakistan.

Risking their lives amid the coronavirus outbreak, doctors and paramedics in Pakistan’s various isolation units and wards reserved for coronavirus patients are waging an epic battle.

They are doing this despite the fact that not all of them have received adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like specialised uniforms, masks and other protective equipment.

Dr Salman Haseeb, President of the Young Doctors Punjab, said the number of coronavirus patients was rising steadily in the province.

At present, the Punjab government has declared the number of confirmed cases at 96 and seeing the gravity of the situation the young doctors are working round the clock.

“However, our concern is that not all the hospitals or isolation units of Punjab where coronavirus patients are being treated have the PPE to treat corona patients and there are risks they might contract the virus from patients they are treating,” he said.

Lack of PPE has landed 12 doctors in isolation wards of Punjab hospitals, said Dr Salman breaking the number further down to six doctors isolated in Mayo Hospital Lahore, three in Service Hospital Lahore and three in DG Khan’s district hospital.

Salute our doctors and paramedics who without access to protective gear are potentially putting their lives at risk for us.

Thanks and salute to our doctors and paramedics putting their life at risk in battle against coronavirus 24/7 and join this fight by staying at home.


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