Flock of locusts disrupt daily life in Karachi

A flock of locusts from Balochistan’s coastal areas attacked Karachi and its adjoining areas on Monday.


Ministry of National Food Security and Research’s Plant Protection Department’s Technical Director Muhammad Tariq Khan said the locusts are found in desert areas. He added that they are monitoring the situation and clarified that usually, they are not harmful.

The Sindh Government directed the officials to spray on the crops in the Malir District. If the plant protection department had taken measures then the swarm would have not increased, they added.

Meanwhile, the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy fixture between Sindh and Northern was also briefly interrupted when a locust herd showed up while the Northern were batting.

The herd was large enough that the players had to stop playing and cover their eyes and ears in a bid to avoid contact with the insects.


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